Of course we all know Vitamin C prevents and cures colds and flu! I get the best Altrient highly bio available Vitamin C from https://www.genesishealing.co.uk?ref=68. Dosage is easy, just take to bowel tolerance. Our intelligent immune systems know just how much each of us needs.

But what else can we use?

I truly believe that oxygenation is the missing link in building our immune system. In getting well and staying well. From cancer and ALL disease, including colds, bronchitis and flu.

After 70 years of frequent colds, worsening to bronchitis, I have not had a cold or flu since I bought my SoeMac oxygen concentrator four years ago!

What is SoeMac?

This small, mobile phone size medical device has been my constant companion by my computer all day. Its also on my bedside table at night, silently wafting clean air to me as I sleep. Getting a decent unbroken night’s sleep is one of the most healing things we can do to boost the immune system.

The SoeMac simply plugs in and filters the air around me. Silently cleaning the air and delivering it like lush tropical forest air around me. It does not require an oxygen mask or a canula. Within seconds, we feel the clean, energised air refreshing us. It helps to clean our blood, calm us and detoxify the whole body.

What does it cost?

Costing only around £419, this faithful little machine has paid for itself countless times. It provides singlet oxygen energy into the cells and mitochondria. SoeMac is a CE Class 1 Medical Device registered by the MHRA. It is endorsed by the British Lung Society, universities and respiratory doctors and nurses.

WHO confirm that over 300 NEW chemicals are now polluting our atmosphere, 26 people a day die of respiratory problems in London alone. The air in over 40 UK cities in unfit to breathe. We have to learn to look after our families and ourselves.


The SoeMac has countless testimonies from those with asthma, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, auto immune disease, insomnia, COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, ME, MS, panic attacks and depression.

SoeMac PRO powerful big brother!

Last year, the inventor Neil Stentiford, who speaks at my seminars, let me try the prototype of the SoeMac Pro. This is a larger machine, has five times the power of the regular SoeMac and I have found it a real life saver. Priced at around £1,650, this machine is used in twenty minute bursts of extra concentrated therapy. It entails breathing from an oxygen mask, and gives instant relief.

Where can I get it?

Neil has kindly offered a ten percent discount on both machines to my Get Well Stay Well friends when they quote FCW10. Order direct on www.SoeMac.com. With a 30 day, no quibble money back promise, we have nothing to lose and SO VERY MUCH TO GAIN.

My sincere thanks to Neil Stentiford for his life saving work.

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