The answer is fourfold:

1. Lack of knowledge – for the last fifty years since Big Pharma hijacked medicine from natural herbs that heal, doctors have been taught medicine based on drug therapy. They have little training in nutrition. Once in practice, and are too overworked to go back to study. Statistics show that the average general practitioner only lives to age 52 because of stress.
2. Litigation – Doctors fear legal action by patients if they do not advise consensus medicine. They also fear being ostracised by other doctors and hospitals.
3. Politics – the international drugs cartel makes billions out of chemotherapy drugs, so they do all they can to discredit God´s natural, completely non toxic and inexpensive cure because it is natural, cannot be patented, and no profits can be made through it.
4. Professional pride – B17 has been proved to work, but there is a great deal of professional pride, arrogance, as well as greed to overcome. There is always a huge battle to change established policies and stubborn minds, especially when specialists are earning huge amounts from established expensive procedures.
The cancer establishment is huge, employing more people than those dying of the disease each year. A fearful and gullible public pour money into cancer research charities. Despite the millions they provide world wide and USA President Nixon’s “War on Cancer” in the seventies, orthodox medicine just has not provided any answers. More people are getting cancer than ever before, and getting it younger.

The history of science is the history of struggle against entrenched error. Many of the world’s greatest discoveries were rejected initially by the scientific community. Those who pioneered those discoveries were ridiculed and condemned as quacks and charlatans.

Columbus was bitterly attacked when he said the earth was round, Bruno was burned at the stake for claiming the earth was not the centre of the universe,

Galileo was imprisoned for teaching that the earth was moving round the sun.
The Wright brothers were ridiculed and condemned for claiming that a machine could fly over the surface of the earth.

In the field of medicine William Harvey was disgraced as a physician for believing that blood was pumped by the heart and actually moved around the body through arteries.

Ignaz Semmelweis was fired from his hospital post in 1847 for requiring his maternity staff to wash their hands.

Centuries ago it was not unusual for entire naval expeditions to be wiped out by scurvy. Between 1600 and 1800 one million British sailors died. Scientists were baffled as they searched in vain for some toxin that lurked in the dark holds of ships.

And yet for hundreds of years, the cure was already known and written in the records.

In the winter of 1535, when the French explorer Jacques Cartier found his ships frozen in the ice off the St. Laurent River, scurvy began to take its deadly toll.

Out of a crew of 110, 25 had already died and most of the others were so ill they were not expected to recover. A friendly Indian showed them the simple remedy. Tree bark and needles from the white pine was rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C were stirred into a drink which induced immediate improvement and swift recovery.

On returning to Europe, Cartier reported this incident to the medical authorities but they were amused by such “witch doctor” cures of ignorant savages and they did nothing to follow it up. So the cure for scurvy was known, but because of scientific arrogance it cost two hundred years and hundreds of thousands of lives before medical experts began to accept and apply this knowledge, and British sailors became known as “limeys” because of the limes they carried on board.

Finally in 1747, John Lind, a young surgeons mate in the British navy discovered that oranges and lemons produced relief from scurvy and recommended that the citrus fruits should be stored on the ships. Forty eight more years ensued before his recommendation was put into practice.

In the 20th century it took forty years for doctors to accept that pellagra was caused by vitamin B deficiency. In 1914 Dr. Joseph Goldberger showed that pellagra was related to diet but it was not until the 1940’s that the medical world fully accepted that pellagra was a vitamin B deficiency and patients stopped suffering and dying.

In the very near future we will cringe in horror at the destructive treatment that was meted out to cancer patients in the 20th and 21st centuries. Mustard gas, used in chemotherapy, has been banned as too cruel for international warfare, yet it is still widely used on cancer patients like my daughter. She was made to feel grateful for the opportunity to try this “wonder drug”.

Euphemisms such as “smartie” treatment, “jungle juice cocktails” are used and I recently heard a cancer specialist call chemotherapy a “game”. What arrogance and insensitivity. It is no game for the patient.

Interestingly when doctors get cancer, they seldom submit themselves to the orthodox treatments they advocate for their patients.

It is a scandal that drug companies fund the Oncology Chairs in our University Medical Schools. They have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, just as the government backed, financially vested food companies still push unhealthy food on a gullible public.