juicerI am always being asked which juicers and water purifiers I recommend.

I do not at present sell any appliances, I am sourcing the best one to customise at a reasonable price.

In the meantime, if you want personal advice as to which juicers, dehydrators, are right for your family,
telephone Ann or  Geoff Wade of Wholistic Research on 08454 303 100. They stock a great variety of the best appliances, and also rebounders and a host of other useful health items. Say you have been recommended by me and they will give you the best advice and any special offers available.

It is important that you understand the difference between a blender and a juicer.

A blender (like the small, inexpensive and powerful Nutribullet; or the “Daddy of Them All”, the wonderful Vitamix), uses centrifugal force to BLEND EVERYTHING you feed it.   So you get the fibre IN your juice.     Some like this, some don’t.

A Juicer, on the other hand, separates the essence of the living enzymes from the pulp, which may be difficult for the very young, the frail and the elderly to digest.     The action of a juicer PRE-DIGESTS your food for you.   When we are not strong, we need the vitamins, minerals, amino acids (which build our BEST protein, which comes from plants.)

These juices, from mainly vegetables and a little fruit, restore our deficiency of living enzymes without putting a great strain on the body.     Avoid sugar, even in fruit, if fighting cancer or diabetes!

For instance when I was desperately ill I could not have eaten thirty carrots a day, but I could DRINK them and they helped me restore my Immune System.   I did this in combination with a radical detox from pollution and stress.   I also adopted healthy exercise, oxygenation, colonics and a great deal of prayer and meditation on God’s WORD.   See my book God’s Healing Word.  The whole program is in there.

Juicers can use masticating OR centrifugal force.   I  like a wide mouthed one, which can take a whole apple into the feeder.     Juicers produce juice one side, spew out pulp the other.   You want DRY pulp, which you can make into vege burgers, with fresh onions, garlic and a little coconut oil.  Pop them into the dehydrator for a few hours and you have a healthy solid meal to go with your juices.

Juicers can also have a masticating or triturating action, which is an augur that SQUEEZES the juice out slowly, so avoiding oxidation from spinning the produce and cutting it.   Masticating and triturating juicers therefore extract much MORE, PURER juice, and leave drier pulp.  With a juicer you can also juice wheatgrass, make nut butters and my signature banana icecream with the blank screen which you will have in addition to the juicing screen.   A good reason to buy a real JUICER.

While I am in America I shall be looking at the newest and the best blenders and juicers to see what I will endorse.   I personally have a selection which I have collected over 25 years of Getting Well and Staying Well.   I am very impressed that ALL of them are still working despite a heavy workload!!   I put this down to washing them up carefully by hand, immediately after juicing, and never running the motors too long.

As soon as I have found the perfect juicer I will let you know, and put it on my website shop.   I have always tried to keep away from commerce, but now I see people who are unwell or frantically busy simply don’t have the energy to do the research for themselves, so I  have liaised with Phillip Day to provide the best SHOP I can for you.    If you choose from my shop, you will always get the same price as they are linked to Phillip’s prices.     Remember to stock up on your apricot kernels, your probiotics, your Essiac Tea, your vitamins and minerals, also some DVD’s to educate others without stressing yourself trying to explain why this is the ONLY sane way to live on the planet!

Just be a role model, stick to the living foods God created us to live on, sparkle with good health, and hand out the DVD’s like “FOOD MATTERS”   ….NO STRESS!!!

Blessings, and good juicing to you!