Besides impure water and air, what foods are poisoning us?

Immune specialists tell us 95% of all disease is caused by the food we eat.


Cooked Food is Acidic, and it is Dead Food!   It causes Leucocytosis, in which white blood cells rush to fight the “invader” causing progressive enervation, inflammation, irritation, induration, ulceration, mutation. 

This leads to all types of disease; digestive disease such as indigestion, pain, bloating, ulcerative colitis, Crohns, leading to cancer…

The inflammation and accumulation of acids also leads to arthritis in joints.  

Diabetes is caused by too much fat and sugar which blocks the insulin receptors in the body.

Heart disease is caused by plaque in the arteries.

Our cells need oxygen, hydrogen, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and electricity which they can ONLY get from raw phytonutrients, plant based foods.

Heat destroys all living enzymes once it reaches 107 degrees.

We should base our diet on living raw foods. 

Acids and toxins that cannot be eliminated from the body in faeces, urine, breath or sweat, form deposits which cause disease.


Animal Protein

Eating animal protein is actually eating dead blood, organs and flesh!!

3D meat, which is used in human consumption, can legally be used from animals that were dying, diseased and disabled.

Tumours are permitted to be cut out and the rest of the meat used, despite the fact cancer has been circulating in the blood of the animal.


Physiological reasons why humans should not eat animal protein

Carnivores have a short straight gut the length of their body.  Food passes through quickly.  

The human gut is 26 feet long, 98.6 degrees, convoluted and moist. 

It is designed for light vegetables, fruit, juices, seeds and nuts to pass through quickly.  

Animal products have no fibre, move slowly, putrify and cause disease.

Carnivores have sharp, flesh tearing teeth.   We only have 4 canine teeth.

Carnivores have a large amount of hydrochloric acid to digest the meat.   We do not have enough hydrochloric acid to digest animal flesh.

The human hand is not designed with claws to kill animals, but to pick fruit and vegetables.

Animal protein depletes our supply of pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrysin, leaving us unprotected from cancer.


Meat was always bad for us because it is a fat food, containing blood of the animal, but nowadays, meat is more toxic than previously.  

It contains antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, nitrates and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) in the food that the animal has eaten or grazed.


Fish contains twice as much cholesterol as meat.  

It now contains mercury and heavy metals, PCB’s, also sewage and industrial wastes from the sea, drained from our polluted rivers.


Even “lean” beef is 20-40% fat, pork is 40-60% fat, chicken 26% fat.

Fat in the blood sticks to the arterial walls, the heart has to push harder to push “the blood through the crud,” elevating blood pressure.

All meat also contains chemicals, hormones, antibiotics with which the animal was treated, or on which it was fed. 

Chicken, processed meats and sausages are the worst contaminated foods we can eat.

They cause much childhood leukaemia.   Never let children eat them.

Only the rich, (unhealthy!) countries can afford much meat. 

75% of the world is vegetarian.  

If we were all vegetarian, we could feed the world.  


Eggs, the lightest of the animal protein, are constipating and contain very high protein.  

Never eat the cooked white of the egg, it is very indigestible.

If you crave an egg, take the occasional raw or lightly boiled yolk only of a free range egg laid by organically-fed hens.


Transfats (margarines, spreads, hydrolised vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats) have been marketed as healthier than natural butter, but in fact are one molecule away from plastic.   They are disastrous to our health.

Use olive oil or coconut oil instead.  Or an fresh avocado mashed spread.



Mother’s milk of every mammal is perfect for their OWN babies.

No other species drinks the milk of another species.

The need for humans to drink other milks is a myth perpetrated by the food industry. 

Cow’s milk is designed ONLY for a 70–90 lb baby cow.    

No animal suckles its mother after infancy.  

Processed milk, which can contain the leukaemia virus, is very different to fresh milk produced by a healthy, free range cow feeding on environmentally pure grass, high in the mountains.  

Due to human error, cow’s milk and cow milk products may contain bacteria and pus.  

Cow’s milk or formula causes mucous which exacerbates colic, catarrh, causing ear infections, phlegm, asthma, diaper rash, acne and eczema.   It is the cause of much bronchitis, emphysema, COPD. 

Cow’s milk, which is acid, causes osteoporosis, as our body leaches the calcium, magnesium and silica from our bones, to protect more vital organs like the heart.

Replace dairy milk with banana milk, oat or almond milk.

Rice milk and soy milk are very often genetically modified in 21st C.

Replace mucoid dairy ice cream with delicious banana ice cream, flavoured with organic blueberries, strawberries, apricots.   Top with nuts and carob sauce.  (see my recipes in my book God’s Healing Word and my Get Well Stay Well E course.)

Avoid all dairy produce which includes cream, cheese, yoghurt and milk chocolate. (That is a disastrous combination of sugar, dairy and caffeine!)  Raw cacao beans, however, are OK.



The body needs NATURAL sweetness found in organic and nutritious fruit and vegetables.  


We can actually turn cancer on and off with sugar.  

Low calorie sweeteners contain aspartame and other carcinogenic chemicals.  

Refined sugar, in the form of sucrose, is the prime cause of cancer.    Sugar ferments, forming carbonic acid, acetic acid and alcohol.        This burns the cells and damages the kidneys, also causes hypoglycaemia, diabetes and obesity.

Sugar exhausts the pancreas, depleting the body’s natural anti cancer enzymes of trypsin and chymotrypsin.

Commercial breakfast cereals contain 50% sugar.  

Dairy ice cream contains 33% sugar. 

Baby formula is loaded with sugar, starting a lifetime addiction.

Substitute sugar with very small amounts of stevia, maple syrup, sweet fruit, dates, honey, raisins, apples, or bananas.



The body needs sodium in a natural form which we find in vegetables green plants and fruit.

Salt in the form of sodium chloride is a deadly, poisonous, addicting drug and possible the greatest killer of mankind.

Contrary to what we were told as children, to take salt pills in a hot climate, scientists now know that salt actually dehydrates the body.

Salt makes us thirsty deliberately to make us drink water to dilute the poison.

What cannot get out of the body through urine and sweat, forms deposits like hardening of the arteries, arthritis, ulcers, high blood pressure, tumours and cancer, etc.

Refined salt is sodium chloride, a noxious poison.  

Replace kitchen salt with unrefined Himalayan rock salt, use celery, spices.



Most people are now allergic to gluten and glyadin.

As children, we learn water and flour make…  paste!   (Pasta….!)

It clogs our intestines and blocks the villi so we can no longer digest the nutrients we need to.

When flour is refined, all goodness is taken out.  

White flour manufacturers remove wheat germ because it gums up their machinery.

They also remove bran because it leaves brown specks in the flour.

They bleach it with chlorox, which is a chemical bleach

And they enrich it with coal tar vitamins which are carcinogenic!

We should replace wheat with oats, rice, spelt, or coconut flour.

Note: Wheatgrass is harvested before it seeds and contains NO gluten or glyadin.   Wheatgrass is the perfect food.   Download my booklet “Wheat Grass – the Complete Food!”



Caffeine is a noxious, dehydrating poison.   It is found in coffee, tea and chocolate.

Scientists say it causes birth defects, anxiety, nervousness, prevents sleep, causes cancer, particularly bladder cancer.   

Replace coffee with lemon, hot water and honey with a touch of mint, or natural herbal teas.    

Coffee destroys cells, contains harmful oils and toxic substances.  

It is only a “stimulant” because it is such a poison that it puts the body on red alert to repulse it.  

Caffeine causes mental depression, nerve exhaustion, decreased muscular power and damage to liver and kidneys.

The drug in tea is “theine”, just another word for “caffeine.”



The natural raw organic cacao bean is OK.

Processed chocolate contains sugar. 

Milk Chocolate contains a deadly mixture of sugar and dairy.

Chocolate contains theobromine. 

The dictionary says it is a poisonous powder, a diuretic, drying out essential organs like the lungs, and myocardial stimulant. 

A bitter alkaloid, so bitter it needs sugar…..

The body immediately mobilises forces to rid itself of the poisonous drug as quickly as possible, which is why it causes digestive, respiratory, liver and kidney problems, asthma, skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, acne and pimples. The poisons have to get out somehow!

A healthy, hot drink is pure hot water with lemon, ginger, honey and mint.


Processed foods

Contain hundreds of excito-toxins, such as monosodium glutamate, aspartame, preservatives, radiation.

Processed food is DEAD FOOD.    It fills the stomach, but does nothing to nourish the cells.

Our organs are ONLY as healthy as the cells they are made from.

Our cells need oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorophyll and electricity which it can ONLY obtain from LIVING PLANT FOODS.

Packaged, canned, frozen or bottled juice contain no living enzymes.


Microwaved Food and Any Food Cooked over 107 degrees has had all the living enzymes removed from it. 

Cooked foods cause Leucocytosis in the body, (white blood cells rushing to fight the invader.)  

This causes inflammation eventually leading to all disease, eg atherosclerosis, (heart disease), tumours, arthritis in joints, all types of digestive problems and chronic degenerative disease.  Go raw!   

Start rebuilding your cells, your organs and your health with Living Foods!

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