Felicity was a breath of fresh air to me and thousands of others.

I soaked up all the information she taught from TV, Radio and personal chats. Then I would (and still do) tell & share her teachings with others. She was kind and caring yet she told me the truth. I can still hear her advice in my mind today, cheering me on; and like Felicity, I also have strong faith in Jesus and the Word of God and His healing.

I had a major double stroke 2020. 2 blood clots 7mm and 6mm I followed Felicity’s advice from Get well stay well. I took Sizzling Minerals, Cardio Flow and other good supplements and plenty of exercise. Ate organic food I had a great health coach who is a good friend of Felicity’s. As a result I overcame with absolutely no side effects, no medication. No time off work. My consultant was amazed. My cholesterol HDL went from 2.7 to 1.1. He even wanted to use me as a case study.

I showed the Dr the Cardio Flow in my bag. He even said my cholesterol was amazing and commented, “it must be what you are taking in your bag ”

By Wendy Hawkins Grimsby



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