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Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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The human body is made to walk.   GirlsWalkingBeach

All the organs in our bodies work better when we walk.    Walking oxygenates our trillions of cells which make up every organ.    We feel good and look good when we walk tall.    There is almost nothing we can do that creates more health benefits than walking!

Walking thirty minutes a day actually reduces by half the rate of people becoming diabetic.

We have an epidemic of diabetes.   This is largely due to the wrong sugars, fats and salts in our diet.   It is also due to the fact we have become lazy.   We take trains, boats, planes, we drive everywhere in cars, and sit in front of computers all day and televisions during our leisure time at night.

Diabetics now make up 40% 0f the population and the medication, and surgery is going to break the NHS.   We could cut the number of diabetics by a staggering 90%  if people would simply walk.

The benefits of walking are so good that they are difficult to believe.  We are 50% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke when we walk.

Women who walk ate 40% less likely to have breast cancer.  And if they do have breast cancer, they are 50% less likely to have a recurrence. Menopausal women who  walk are 60% less likely to have cancer.

Men who walk are 50% less likely to have prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Both man and women who walk are less likely to die if they do get ANY of these cancers.  Walking is a cancer prevention and also a cancer cure!

Walking also prevents heart disease.    The body has over a hundred thousand miles of blood vessels,  and these vessels are much healthier and supple when we walk.

We resist disease more effectively when we walk.  We are less likely to get colds, and if we do have a cold we shorten the duration when we walk.

Walking also lessens the cell deterioration in the brain.   Walking lessens the effects of depression and anxiety.   In fact walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week is  60% more effective than anti depressant medication.

Walking creates good neuro chemicals throughout the body.

Walking is the easiest exercise to maintain.    It doesn’t require equipment  and it is free!   We don’t need to run or jog or swim – we just need to walk!    Walking strengthens the heart, the circulation and therefore strengthens the bones.  Statistics prove that an overweight person who walks is healthier than the thin person who is inert.

The Lancet magazine,  Harvard School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic all report the benefits of walking.

If we are very busy, we MUST prioritise our health, and make time for exercise.   Otherwise we simply will not have much time left, period!

The good news is that walking fifteen minutes a day, twice a day, will give us almost  the same benefits as the full half hour walk.   Finding time to do these two shorter walks is a lot easier for busy people.

It is known that we are less likely to have dementia or Alzheimer’s when we are active.   It is fun to walk with others,  so join a walking group.   Social interaction is important, especially when we laugh and relax with others.

Walking keeps our muscle tone strong, and helps us to maintain healthy weight.

Walking and weight bearing exercise keeps our bones strong, and prevents osteoporosis.  If we do not do weight bearing exercise, the bones start to honeycomb.   We strengthen our bones when we walk briskly on a regular basis.   This is particularly true when we walk in the fresh air and sunshine – which gives us Vitamin D.

Start by walking on the flat in clean sea air, then mountain walking.   If you live in a flat, start by walking down a flight of stairs, and gradually build up to walking UP the same stairs.  Then graduate to uphill walking in the fresh air.

Walking briskly keeps our lungs functioning well, as it increases circulation and delivers oxygen to all our cells.  Our skin looks better when we exercise, we get a healthy glow to our complexion, and of course we lose toxins through perspiration.

Use intelligence!    Get off the bus a stop earlier than the office, decide to park your car further out so that you have to walk a longer way to work or to a restaurant.  

Walking is our thing!   Humans cannot fly like birds, we don’t swim naturally like fish, but we walk better than any other animal on the planet.  Walking is our best medicine and it is a gift from God.   Praise Him as you walk in the beautiful nature He has created for us.


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