Harvard Scientists Announce Bill Gates Funded Chemtrail Plan

It is all being done under the guise of “thwarting global warming.” It is well-funded. It is well-branded from within the intellectual community. And in the end, it is chemtrails.

Two Harvard scientists have revealed plans to move forward with the launching of a high-altitude balloon equipped with propellers and sensors. It will be called a “StratoCruiser” and this “StratoCruiser,” according to David Keith and Frank Keutsch, will “spray a fine mist” of sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonate into the stratosphere.

No joke. They are saying it out loud. They are informing the masses. If anyone thought this to be “conspiracy theory,” this confirms the frightening contrary. And they are doing it under the global warming umbrella which tends to generate lots of social issue passion.

The device will originate from a location in Arizona, according to TechnologyReview.com.

This will be one of the first overly public endeavors into geoengineering and a way to cultivate sympathy amongst the masses who are afraid that “global warming” and “climate change” are man-made incidents. This will give the excuse for growth in geoengineering to move unabated.

And there’s more….

Look who’s funding it:

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation interfered with the showing of Vaxxed at Tribeca. And then of course, we have Bill Gates and his diabolical play for global rule.

With a list of investors like that, how could anyone believe this to be for the good of the masses?

Scientists are trying to say that because volcanoes push sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, it is a good idea for man to execute an intervention plan of it’s own. The goal would be to regulate the earth’s temperatures.

I’m not sure about you, but this doesn’t feel right at all. It is unimaginable that man interfering in weather events would be free of “unintended consequences.” Not to mention more nefarious agendas being given a free path to develop.

World governments could end up in weather wars. We could easily and quickly create damage that would be irreparable. And now, with this announcement, it will all be an acceptable strategy for man to “manage the weather.”