The Miracle Molecule – Nitric Oxide


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Cardiovascular Disease – one of the leading causes of death among millions of men and women.

Dr. Louis J. Ignarro Ph.D (1998 Nobel Prize winner in medicine) dedicated over 30 years of research into the discovery of Nitric Oxide`s benefits in preventing and reversing Cardiovascular Disease. In this video he explains what Nitric Oxide is, the important role of L-Arginine and L’Citreline in boosting the production of Nitric Oxide, and also other necessary supplements; including vitamins exercise and deity. All the ingredients to a more healthy and better quality of life.

The Miracle Molecule – Nitric Oxide

The difference between health and illness is often a function of the level of Nitric Oxide activity in your body. Nitric Oxide can literally be a matter of life and death, according to Dr. Louis Ignarro, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998, for his work on the role of nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide is considered a ‘miracle molecule’ and is essential to combat many conditions, including:
• Hypertension
• Cancer
• Drug addiction
• Stroke
• Intestinal problems
• Memory and learning disorders
• Septic shock
• Anorexia
• Impotence and low sex drive
• Tuberculosis
…and many more.

Nitric oxide can have a positive impact on almost all physical pathologies. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our bodies have more trouble making nitric oxide. In fact, Japanese researchers have found that by the time we reach our 70s, we produce a staggering 75% less nitric oxide than we did when we were in our 20s. This means that the very years when you need nitric oxide are the years when you’re most likely to be deficient.

Without sufficient nitric oxide, we can feel fatigued and worn down. It has the ability to expand blood vessels for better blood flow, which means more oxygen can reach the brain, heart, and other vital organs. Supplements are available, but there are natural ways to boost the amount of nitric oxide in the body.

Men’s fitness magazines tout nitric oxide supplements to lift heavier weights and even prevent erectile dysfunction. While clinical results prove that nitric oxide is beneficial, many commercially supplements aren’t backed up by rigorous testing.

Thankfully, there are far safer natural ways to boost nitric oxide for a better workout, sex life, and heart health. Simply Naturals Cardio FlowTM is the patented formula as developed by Dr Ignarro and is your guaranteed way to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs.

Other ways to naturally help boost nitric oxide are:

  1. Eat more Beets, and Beetroot
  2. Consume Hawthorn Extract
  3. Eat more Nuts and Fruits
  4. Take Regular Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas
  5. Exercise

Other benefits of nitric oxide include:

  1. Support Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Strengthens Your Bones from the Inside Out
  3. Better performance for Athletes and Bodybuilders
  4. Improved Brain Function

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