Simply Naturals had a lots of positive feedback about these minerals and their overwhelming ability to support the body’s most important function – the immune system.
The events of recent times have focused our minds into understanding that prevention is always a better option than cure and that we all need to make changes now rather than wait in fear of contracting a cold, flu etc.In 2010 a very well known sports trainer & nutritionist started working with the Sizzling Minerals & Vitamins for his clients – this ultimately led to them being thoroughly tested before being introduced to the England Football squad.
Article Sun Newspaper, June 2010
What happened that season couldn’t give a clearer message about ‘prevention’ and making sure that we ‘bullet proof’ the immune system. For those who remember, they will know that virtually all of the other countries team players and staff went down with a ‘mystery swine-flu virus’ (sound familiar?) that was sweeping through the accommodation areas – but the England team were literally unaffected; the press picked up on this and it received a brief mention on TV and in the newspapers about “how all of the England team were popping vitamins & minerals to stay well”.
Even today, these minerals are still sort after by some of these players who have continued to consume them for years. It is surely the time to be smart, think and plan ahead for the coming cold, wet months and ensure you’re giving your body the best safeguard it can have by consuming a full spectrum of plant derived minerals.   Click to see full 2010 News Article
Minerals and Vitamines

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Each Sizzling Mineral wafer/tablet contains the full spectrum of plant derived minerals and trace elements and the taste is astounding. Children love the taste so you should no longer be faced with the difficulty of getting your children to take the minerals they need daily.

Want to keep your heart in optimum health?

Discover L’Arginine / L’Citreline product Nitric Oxide.
A formulation based on the groundbreaking discovery of Dr. Louis Ignore Phd for optimum Cardiovascular Heart Health.

This is a new improved patented formula. Increasing Bio-availability, Potency and Persistence of L-arginine in the blood stream leading to Nitric Oxide production associated with good heart Health. ..Read More

Simply Vitamin MAX D3

90 High Strength Vitamin D3 Tablets
Promotes Bone Health
Immune System Support

Vitamin D contributes to:
– Maintenance of normal bones and teeth
– Maintenance of normal muscle function
– Normal function of the immune system and healthy
inflammatory response

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