The most up to date tests are the ones you should insist on, if you think you may be developing cancer.

C Reactive Protein is a blood test which shows if a substance called C Reactive Protein is being produced by the liver, which is the first sign of cancer.

Cancer Profile Test is 93-95% accurate. Done at American Metabolic Laboratories, Florida Detects very low levels of hormones.

hCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin blood or urine test which reveals pregnancy or malignancy. like the trophoblastic theory of cancer. If positive, the patient is either pregnant or has malignancy.

PHI test reveals an enzyme in anaerobic cells – cells with low oxygen, a sign of cancer in the body

GGT liver test Gamma Glutamyl Trans-peptidase test is a blood test

THEA adrenal gland test

DHEA blood and urine test De Hydro Epi Andosterone Sulphate test

If the above are positive, now do the RGCC Test for circulating tumour cells. Laboratory in Greece is best for diagnosis

Energy tests
OncoBlot ENOX2 protein reveals a cancer that has been there around 6 years.

Bio Immune Survey

Bio Meridian test is energy testing of meridians with kinesiology

Vega machine test – Electro acupuncture device to test for allergies developed by Reinhart Voll

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