Everything is in 7s. The colours of the rainbow, the chords on the diatonic music scale, the days of the week. Since God ordained the seventh day as the day of rest other systems were tried and discarded. 7 is the right ratio. of work and “re-creation”. Not just relaxing, but literally RE CREATING OURSELVES. And there are, naturally, 7 laws for life.that can RE CREATE US! We could concentrate on one a day and see how our life heals.

  1. The Law of Infinite Possibility. Opening our hearts and minds to the supreme intelligence of our Creator. To the power of the Holy Spirit. Step outside the box of others’ corrupt and controlling agendas.

2. The Law of Giving. When we open the blockage of selfishness and meanness we release a waterfall of energy. It refreshes our stagnant river. The concept of tithing is found in Malachi 3:10. We have no blessing as we are not giving to others. Open the floodgates and see the blessings flood back into our lives.

3. The Law of Consequences or Karma. When we do bad things we suffer bad consequences. Curses, guilt and negativity. And when we do good things, blessings flow into our lives.

4. The Law of Letting go and Letting God. He always has a better long term plan than we could ever have dreamed of. Communicate with the Holy Spirit for guidance. The right doors will open for you.

5. The Law of Attraction. What we focus on becomes our reality. Be very careful what you focus on. It will make or break your life.

6. The Law of Detachment. Eliminate dependence on others. Accept everyone on our journey is there to teach us. Be discerning. Others around us are drains or radiators. Help those you can, but remain detached. It is their journey, not yours. Eliminate the drains and learn to radiate from the radiators.

7. The Law of Purpose in Life. Everyone has a unique gift to give to others. In blending this talent with service to others we experience ultimate fulfillment.

If you want to explore these seven laws further, book a phone consultation. Yes, you will be tithing £50! I have spent thousands on training, filming, setting up this ministry and I too have to pay bills. I am charging the least I can with my limited time, and have to eliminate trolls and time wasters. I am very serious about this life saving information. Suppression of this vital information cost the life of my daughter and very nearly mine too Unlock the floodgates and see what blessings ensue! I only ever advocate things that have genuinely helped me and unlike the other health sites I am not selling loads of supplements. I am totally independent. And that gives me credibility.