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Hi, I’m Felicity.   Let’s have a Get Well Stay Well moment on SUGAR.

Ah, sugar, the sweet deception!   The addiction that is killing so many of us!  They say it kills more of us than alcohol and drugs combined!

I was addicted to sugar, and it gave me pancreatic cancer!  I am very blessed to have recovered and I am now very, very careful to avoid sugar like the plague.  I never buy the stuff!

Let me just define WHAT sugar I am talking about.  There are good, unrefined sugars like raw sugar cane, raw honey, and natural fruits like dates and sun dried raisins.

These good sugars give us the aDENOsine tri phosphates to fire the mitochondria in our cells to keep us energised, and heal us.

Then there is the modern, REFINED sugar, only developed in recent times.  And it is refined sugar which is the problem.  Refined sugar contains chemicals.

The food manufacturers pay scientists a lot of money to make us addicted to this refined sugar, which is found in nearly every processed food item we buy in the supermarkets.  Our tomato ketchup for instance, is LOADED with refined sugar.   That’s why we love it so much!

The worst deception however is the so called “DIET” foods and drinks!   These do not contain the right sugar, but aspartame and a host of other synthetic sugar substitutes that cause inflammation in the cells.

The Doctors I feature on my Get Well programs tell us this inflammation is the root of our present epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s and diverse auto immune disease.   Refined sugar is said to destroy our immune system for several hours after consuming it.

When you see the word “DIET” on a product, just take off the T and you’ve got the message.  So many women live on diet drinks and literally die of them.   Not a good way to lose weight!

So wise up, return to natural sugars, like sweet potatoes, raw chocolate, grapes, peaches and dates and use a natural green vegetable sweetener like STEVIA.   So sweet that you only need a little!

And a SWEET way to Get Well and Stay Well!

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