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On this page you will find some of the stories shared by people who were influenced by Felicity in one way or another; little gems of health tips, stories of how they survived due to Felicity’s guidance.  We hope that through reading these stories you will be uplifted. Don´t forget to add your own story.

God lead me to Felicity

I am a Christian who watched Revelation TV1 day I watched Felicity talk about a cancer journey I didn’t have cancer at the time, but after listening to her story, I said to myself out loud, if that ever happens to me, I’m going to follow the same route One year later I was diagnosed

Jan Mackenzie
Norfolk U.K.
Uplifting Stories

Sizzling minerals

Watching Felicity on Revelation TV a few years ago, she was talking about sizzling minerals and how they promoted a healthy immune system, I ordered them as a trial run, at first I didn’t see any changes and I was going to give them a miss, but something in me told me to keep going,

Beryl Ewing
Northern Ireland
Uplifting Stories

An Open Door

I being a B/ A Christian who was interested in a healthy lifestyle , watching Revelation TV , seeing & listening to Felicity & all that she believed in & had been through caught my attention . Finding great encouragement knowing that she was just down the coast from me , hoping one day I

Pamela Sawyer
Albox Almeria Spain
Health Tips

Felicity, you were an angel in disguise

Hi, I am a Reflexologist & Youth Worker from Manchester UK so you can imagine I have a lot to say! So as you can imagine – I enjoy learning and sharing information. The day I finally got SKY was fantastic, as I flicked through the many different channels I came across 581 – Revelation

Carol Bailey
Manchester, UK
Uplifting Stories

Following Felicity’s Regime

I first seen Felicity on Revelation TV and being interested in healthy eating and natural remedies her advice caught my attention. I had various ailments over the years and eventually found out I was suffering with Fibromyalgia but before in knee I had the condition I was in a desperate state. I called Felicity and

Laura Meikle
Uplifting Stories

Stroke Recovery Amazes Doctors!

Felicity was a breath of fresh air to me and thousands of others. I soaked up all the information she taught from TV, Radio and personal chats. Then I would (and still do) tell & share her teachings with others. She was kind and caring yet she told me the truth. I can still hear

Wendy Hawkins
Uplifting Stories
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