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Where is my father?

This is the heart cry of so many children, and also adults, who have not been close to their fathers.

Perhaps they have never even MET their fathers.

The situation occurs in all strata’s of modern society, for many different reasons. 

Death, divorce, rape, maybe simply poverty where the father has moved away to find work.  

Maybe the mother did not even KNOW the father.  Women desperate to have a child are using IVF from unknown donors.

Whatever the case, however, there is a huge void and sense of loss for the children.

However, when we really come to the end of ourselves, and seek Him, God is there for us.

To all those who are missing a father, I have the greatest news on earth.

In the Judaic tradition there is a wonderful act of connection and belongingness called The Father’s Blessing.

This is where the Father of the family blesses each child on the Friday night, when the family joins in a traditional supper at home.

The father lays hands on the head of each child and says the traditional blessing….

“The Lord WILL Bless you and keep you.

The Lord WILL be gracious to you.

The Lord WILL lift up the light of his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

I used to think the prayer was a petition…. “MAY” the Lord bless you, but a rabbi told me NO.   Traditionally in Hebrew the words are a positive affirmation.   The Lord “WILL” bless you.

It is Security, Reassurance.  That is what the perfect father is for.    That is the Blessing.  

And once we have accepted the Lord into our life, we now HAVE this Father, we now have this blessing.

In fact we have a much better father than an earthly one. 

All earthly fathers have their faults, sometimes many.   All humanity is steeped in sin.   We all fail, including  our very earthly fathers!

Another thing….All earthly fathers die.  Your heavenly Father does not.  

All Families squabble about inheritance.     Religions and denominations do that too, and many wars have been caused by arguments over religion.

But you are not part of a religion.  

With Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are in a personal relationship.

You are the son or daughter of the eternal Father.

He will never leave you or forsake you.   He gave His own son to DIE for you.

He gives you his Blessing every time you connect with Him.   And you don’t have to wait for Friday night to be assured of his blessing. 

You are now the son or daughter of the Most High, the King of Kings.   That Changes EVERYTHING.   Thank God!

So be blessed.

The Lord WILL Bless you,

The Lord WILL be gracious to you.

The Lord WILL lift the light of His countenance upon you and give you peace.  

Now and Forever!   Amen.


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