Felicity makes thrice weekly Get Well Stay Well Bible based health programs on www.RevelationTV.com, reaching 169 countries round the world.  Her shows are on live at 13.00 on Mondays, 06.00 Tuesdays and 10.30 Saturdays. Revelation TV is on Sky 581 and Roku Box in USA.

Revelation brings the good news of Jesus Christ in a format called “the Church Without Walls”. Thousands of other faith based searchers, agnostics and atheists of all ages, searching for the truth, and Christians of all ages and denominations watch the best preaching and teaching from all over the world, in the comfort of their own homes. As Jesus prayed for us all on the night before he willingly went to the appalling cross, to atone for the sins of the world, He wants us all to be one.
Howard Conder, Founder of Revelation TV, knows the music industry well. He and Lesley have a real heart for the lost generation who are finding it so hard to get jobs in this recession, and struggle with addictions and peer pressure.

Shows like the Q and A Show feature live interaction with viewers, where viewers are aired, including atheistic and agnostic ones which are answered calmly and Biblically, with humour and patience. There is also a politics program, R Mornings, a Bible Study, the Late Show and Voice in the Wilderness interactive show during the night where viewers can receive comfort and prayer from the presenters.

Revelation provides a truthful look at Jesus and the desperate need for Him in the corrupt and lost world we are living in now. Felicity’s Get Well Stay Well courses based on Genesis 1:29 and 30 are of great relevance in our toxic world where so many are dying from cancer, heart disease and diabetes, to say nothing of the suffering from arthritis, respiratory and digestive disease. As the Bible says “my people die for lack of knowledge.” When they return to Gods perfect nutrition plan, they heal, as simple as that.

Felicity trained at the Christian based Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina as a Health Minister and also trained as a Health Educator at the science based Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, after healing her own terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer ten years ago with God’s diet. Hear her testimony. Having lost a beautiful 20 year old daughter to cancer and a husband to cancer, she is passionate about prevention of sickness.

“It’s all about education, not medication”, she says, and Revelation TV is happy to educate the millions who watch 24 hours a day.  Felicity has watched Revelation TV since the first day in went on air and is blessed to be part of the team. She now spends part of the year near the studios in Spain, and leads her Get Well – Stay Well Weeks in the lovely La Cala Golf Resort. People can enjoy the sun, pools, spa, sport and beaches in the daytime, and follow the course in the evenings from 5-8 p.m.   Contact Felicity for dates of courses and accommodation in the hotel or in nearby apartments.   Get a Revelation! It can save your health, your life, and your soul.  It’s compulsive viewing!

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