Hi, I’m Felicity, Let’s have a Get Well Stay Well moment on Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.

We CAN prevent Alzheimer’s!   The doctors I work with say ALL disease is caused by toxicity, deficiency of nutritional building blocks to the cells, and STRESS.

Firstly we must stay well hydrated. The brain needs a lot of water to work.  They say it is 80% water and fats!   As we age we lose the thirst reflex, so remember to drink.  And it must be distilled water, which is the ONLY scientifically pure water left on the planet.

Coffee and colas are dehydrating, so cut them out.

If we do a sedentary job and spend time in an inner city, bombarded with traffic fumes, and the aluminium, barium, ethylene di bromide, strontium and lithium being sprayed by Geo Engineering, of course we are de oxygenated and more likely to suffer brain degeneration.  Chemicals like fluoride in our drinking water also dumb us down.   So drink nothing but distilled water.  I get my distillers from David Salt of CytoDoc.co.UK. phone 01 299 271836.

I also bought a Soemac energy oxygen machine from an inventor called Neil Stentiford.  He has produced a small silver box which is around the size of a mobile phone.   You plug it into electricity and it wafts pure oxygen SILENTLY TO YOU, WITHOUT MASK OF CANULA.    I paid the full price for mine, but I have since arranged with Neil that if you mention me and Get Well Stay Well, or quote FCW10, he will give you  a whopping 10% discount.   Go to www.Soemac.com.  I use mine beside me as I sleep and also beside my computer as I work in the daytime.    I can also take it to the studio with me.

New drugs for Alzheimer’s are coming out all the time as the pharmaceutical companies seek to make a profit out of this fast growing disease.   I have shown on my Get Well programs some of the drug reps who used to push these drugs to the medical practices.   They all eventually resigned because they could not bear to be responsible for the side effects they saw in patients.  It has not been proven that any of these drugs cure the disease.

It is now acknowledged by World Health Organisation that the soil in UK is now 86% depleted of minerals.  This means the foods we eat are also 86% depleted of minerals, and so are we.

So the doctors I work with ALL take supplements of plant derived minerals and vitamins.  These plant based minerals are the only ones with molecules small enough to enter the cells and cross the blood brain barrier.

I personally take www.HeavensMinerals.com which I get on autoshipping direct from the founders in UK.  They have created the perfect drinkable minerals which taste nice, and contain ALL 75 essential trace minerals in the perfect proportion to each other.   They also produce a similar vitamin product and a Curcumin product and a heart product called CardioFlow.   Their scientists are simply the best in the world and I trust this ethical company.     Nowhere else can we get this amount of correct nutrition so inexpensively, as they have stayed out of the hands of Big Pharma and the high street shops.  Cutting out the middle man is always less expensive!

Dr. Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering that when we are depleted of minerals we cannot assimilate vitamins.  No wonder people are ill.

Therefore I advocate that people detox with the colonics and coffee enemas, change to a raw food diet of fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and green plant, drink lots of distilled water and supplement with minerals and vitamins.

Remember that essential oils cross the blood/brain barrier.   So when we inhale gorgeous grapefruit essential oil, and Frankincense, and Myrrh and other Biblical oils, we are healing our brains too. The aroma goes into our olfactory system, and of course the nose is right next to the brain.   So I surround myself with grapefruit essential oil.   Put in on the skin, inhale it, infuse it in your room.   It is the only perfume I wear.   I put it on my temples, my forehead, my pulse points.  It is a quick and delicious refresher.   I use it in the studio when recording my famous segments!  I have also been known to give it to Cyrus!  He and his wife love it now, too!

Putting a few drops of Frankincense essential oil on the tongue, touching the roof of the mouth, has been known to shrink brain tumours.   See The Truth About Cancer docu series in which I appeared with Ty Bollinger.

We also need to keep HAPPILY active with like minded friends.  Its only common sense.  Laugh and keep a sense of humour.  Find a great house group for fellowship!

And get a good night’s sleep!    Remember the lavender essential oil will help you drift off in a beautiful haze of fragrance.

Let’s avoid Alzheimer’s!

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