Re-alignment of the spine can heal us when our GP’s have no answers. When I returned home to Jersey in 2019 I went to consult my long time friend and fellow “Jersey Girl,” the legendary Professor Diana Mossop.

Diana and I have both dedicated our lives to healing. We both have Jersey roots but have spent much of our lives abroad. We both had healthy children who fell ill due to toxicity in our world. Nothing in the world inspires a mother more than the desire to help save her child. We literally dedicated our lives to healing our children.

My daughter had died of cancer. Her younger son had vaccine damage aged four. The doctors had no answers for him. But Diana used PhytoBio Physics and healed him with the vibrational energy of flowers, plants and trees. She teaches in Harley Street monthly, as well as her Jersey practice. She is so sought after that people wait weeks to get an appointment with her.

I consulted Diana professionally to see if she could help with my serious breathlessness on exertion. Within moments she was testing me with the Russian technology of Professor Konstantin Korrotkov. She showed me the computer printout which revealed I had been contaminated by several different vaccines. The print out actually had the dates when I had been inoculated. The dates all fitted.

This was the first sensible explanation I had heard to the paralysis I was suffering in my respiratory system and bones. I was suffering the effects of childhood vaccinations, particularly the polio vaccine. Viruses can stay in the body and awaken again when our immune system weakens as we age. Diana started to detox me with her little sugar pillules energised by flowers and plants.

Diana healed her son and then founded the Institute of PhytoBioPhysics in the lovely grounds of her Jersey home. She had her annual practitioner course starting the next week. I signed up and trained with Diana on the healing energy of plants and trees.

Diana also researched the spine and learned how to correct mis-alignment with a gentle non invasive therapy which can help heal our central nervous system. I was very interested in this type of craniosacral treatment.

Diana calls her method Podo Rhadician Mobilisation. What is PRM? Well, “Podo” means Foot. “Ra” means “sun god” in ancient Egyptian texts. Its also the “ra” in the name Is-ra-el which means “Isis/sun-god/God.” “Cidian” refers to the circular flow of energy in the body.

In the past few years intelligent patients and doctors in the west have come to understand that cranio sacral and vertebral energy in the spine controls our central nervous system. This in turn controls our homeostasis. The Chinese have known and used this energy to heal for 5000 years!

So healing with podo racidaian mobilisation (PRM) can heal chronic fatigue, low immune system causing recurrent infections, reduced mobility, sinus problems, TMJ problems, pelvic misalignment, headaches, migraines, menstrual, menopausal problems, emotional and mental stress. nervous tension, and the elimination of toxins, bacteria and heavy metals. I was fascinated, and did a course with her.

Diana has written the most beautiful book called “Island Flower Essences – The Vibrational Power of Plants.” Not only is this an instructional book on the natural healing, the colours and the energy properties of flowers but it has information on their spiritual qualities and repercussions on the physical level. You can make an appointment with Diana in Jersey or in Harley Street London.

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