I believe Passover is the ONLY way to Get Well and Stay Well.
We may “get well” physically in our present lifetime due to the biblical truths I am blessed to teach on the TV programs and in my courses, but the truth is we all die after our human lifespan here is complete.

It is where we spend eternity that matters.
Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life?
Are you going to be with the Lord when you die?
Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. Knowing Him is the greatest joy of my life.
I believe the Lord healed me in 2003 to pass on the mantle of healing and love He gives me every waking hour.
Many seeking physical healing actually come to faith. So they “Get Well and Stay Well” for eternity. That is what my ministry is all about!

People ask why I sometimes wear a white, blue and gold prayer shawl on programs. This is the real key to my faith.
The prayer shawl is the Jewish tallith. It would have been worn by Jesus. It is the “wings” of Psalm 91. The woman with the issue in Mark 5 touched the hem of his garment and was instantly healed.
Jairus daughter was raised from the dead in her father’s tallith. Jesus said to her “Tallitha Koum!” In Aramaic this means “Little girl, wrapped in the Word of God, Arise!” And she did.
The tallith is so, so powerful. I love to pray under mine. I believe that I healed under my tallith in 2003, and still heal every day under it.

Jesus was Jewish. His name in Hebrew is Yeshua.
All the disciples were Jewish. The Christian faith is based entirely on Jesus Christ as the son of God, who came two thousand years ago for the first time as the Messiah.
Born as prophesied 332 times in the Jewish scriptures, Yeshua was celebrated as a teacher and healer.
Then he was put to death in the cruelest physical death known to man, by the religious community and the secular military authority who ruled at the time, the terrifying, brutal, secular Roman army.

Why did the Pharisees and Rome conspire to kill Him?
Because He was causing a revolution of love and healing and they were jealous and fearful.
They knew His truth and his Kingdom would destroy their control.
And so it is today!
Hundreds of thousands of his followers are being put to death NOW, throughout the world by greed and corruption in religious communities and secular military authorities.

It is only when we wake up to this fact, we can see world corruption clearly.
Years ago I was attempting to explain this this dark world to my lawyer son who was staying with me in Portugal one Passover/Easter.
During one of those precious mother/adult son midnight hour heart to hearts, sharing the Gospel, I actually said “We are living in a dark, dark world!”
At that very moment, suddenly the entire villa was plunged into darkness. It was quite a moment! I was in absolute awe. Only God could have stage managed this event. What timing He has.
My suspicious lawyer son made his way toward the villa door to let in the street lights outside.
But as he open the door he said. “Oh, my God, it IS all dark out there!”
“Yes”, I said. “That is what I am telling you!”

Point taken. There was in fact a power cut and the whole Algarve was in total darkness and lack of any internet for several hours. No electricity, no internet, WiFi, no cash machines or petrol pumps working, Life as we know it came to a full stop. Which can in fact happen any time, at the will of our secular world powers and governments.
The New World Order will be enforced “Out of chaos.” People, the “sheeple” as we say, will be so scared they will do whatever their governments tell them… that is how the New World Order has been planned to take over the world by the dark forces.

Anyway, that Passover night in the Algarve, God gave my son the timely wake up call we all need.
Most of us stumble through our day to day working existence with a spiritual hole in our heart.

We seek to fill this gap with entertainment, sport, TV, finding a person who will accept and love us. Nothing satisfies ultimately. Neither does anyone else. Even our dearest ones die and leave us alone to cope.
Day to day we do our best, survive and earn our daily bread.
But inside we are DYING. No wonder most are stressed.
But for those who God wants to reach, there comes a moment when we come to the end of ourselves.

Maybe this is the moment for you? We all come to this point. I did, myself. And when I did I asked God to come into my life and take over. And he did. He washed me of my sin and shame. He filled me with his healing Holy Spirit.

I am going to pray for you, right now, that you will ask him into your life. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, he will never come until you ask.

Lord Jesus, Yeshua Ha Masiach, I know you are there and waiting to enter hearts and minds. That people will realise they have NO HOPE in this corrupt dark world without you now and in eternity.

Thank you for what you have done in my life, and are doing in the lives of everyone watching Revelation TV.
As the world gets darker, the Bible says GROSS darkness will cover the earth. There will be no compassion, no conscience.
Christian and Jews will be attacked and we see this happening worldwide right now. The spirit of Islam, the jealous, dis-inherited, wild and illegitimate elder son of Abraham vows to destroy Your People.
When things are at their darkest, and all the world gathers around Jerusalem to destroy the people of God, the Messiah will return.

Not as a the blood soaked slain lamb, a flailed and crucified man broken on a cross, but as the risen Saviour. The King of Kings. The Lion of Judah!
Long awaited judgement will take place. All those whose names are not written in the Book of Life are to be cast in an ever burning lake of fire.
Only those who believe in the Messiah CAN be saved by his shed blood. This is the Blood covenant we are under. This is the power of the Blood.

The book of Proverbs tells us the life of the body is in the blood. As any haematologist will tell you, the blood cleanses and nourishes us. Without healthy blood we die. Simple as that.

We need to get cleansed by the blood of Jesus.
Just as the blood of the sacrificial lambs was shed at the first Passover in Egypt, and put on the door posts of believers, so we must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua. His is the only name under which we are saved.
Jesus died as the sacrificial Lamb for all believers when he shed his blood and died on that terrible wooden cross at Passover. The blood was on the wood, as it was on the wooden lintels of Jewish believers. Today the Blood saves as it cleanses our hearts.

We have always known in our hearts there are consequences for sin, and this will be the moment of consequence.
Get right with God now, while you can. The signs of the times are here. One nuclear strike and we are going to be plunged into the final terrible nuclear war. Read the books of Zechariah and Revelation for an up to date picture of nuclear war.

Come to the Lord while you can and be saved. Every day people die totally unexpectedly. The question is – did they know Jesus?
This is the only way we can Get Well and Stay Well for eternity.
My Get Well Stay Well ministry is absolutely bible based on the blood.
God creates convocations and feasts in Leviticus 23 which are to teach believers about the coming Messiah.

The feast of Passover is in the spring time. The blood of the slain Lamb marked the door posts of the Jewish slaves in Egypt. When the angel of death saw the blood on the lintels. He passed over their homes, sparing their first born. The first born of oppressing Pharoah and all unbelievers died instantly. Then Pharoah at last released the Jews to return home. Just as it happening worldwide right now.

The Blood still releases prisoners today. The Jewish people still celebrate Passover, but the Christian church has been duped into calling it Easter, a Roman spring festival. It is celebrated with eggs, bonnets and bunnies. It is a counterfeit and it makes God very, very hurt and angry. Of course. He gave his son Yeshua to DIE an appalling death at Passover.

The feast of First Fruits is celebrated when Jesus rises on the third day, after the crucifixion. Jesus says in John 12:23 “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” It is true that the church grows on the shed blood of the martyrs. By dying in faith, they gain eternal life.

The feast of Pentecost comes 50 days later when the ten commandments were given by Moses.
Because it is impossible to lead a pure life and keep all the commandments, God sent His son Yeshua to earth to show us the Way of obedience and goodness. He the had to die in our place – the death we all deserve.
It is only when we are convicted of our own sin and our hopeless situation that we suddenly see the light and fall on our faces and ask Jesus to save us through His shed blood. The conviction comes upon us through the Holy Spirit. Most are blinded and simply cannot understand. It takes the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth.

After Jesus rose, we remember how in the book of Acts, all his disciples and followers were in the upper room and were filled with the Holy Spirit. The fearful were emboldened to go out and change the world by teaching about Yeshua.

Today, in the midst of the worst persecution of Jews and Christians by evil worldwide, the same thing is happening.
The Feast of Trumpets in the autumn announces the Coming of the King. Trumpets starts with the Day of Atonement when we come to repent of our wicked ways and turn to the Lord.

Finally we celebrate the feast of Tabernacles when Yeshua comes to live in our hearts, and reigns supreme. Justice will at last come to the earth.

Yeshua said we were to look for the signs of the times. Those signs are all around us. Look up! Your redemption is very, very near. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your household will be saved.

Shalom – salvation, healing and joy this Passover! I am praying for you!

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