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Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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I absolutely believe that cancer is simply toxicity, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, and the result of ongoing unremitting stress. When we understand that, cancer loses its fear factor, and we can overcome cancer.

Fear kills! Be a Victor, not a Victim!

And it’s that fear factor that causes more mortality than the disease itself. When we are given a cancer diagnosis and told we have only a few weeks, months or years to live, the STRESS alone can well become a self fulfilling prophecy. And cancer very often kills more than just the patient in the family. Many loving parents, husbands, wives, partners, children and friends die of the stress involved with caring for the patient. I certainly nearly died of stress watching my own daughter die. This probably was the cause of my own cancer a few years later. My father died 6 months after Melanie from a broken heart. My marriage broke up. It was a devastating time for all the family.

My journey with cancer

Then I was given 6 weeks to live with pancreatic cancer in 2003. I was indeed very ill. I had lost weight very quickly and was down to just under five stone. I was in excruciating pain, severely jaundiced and nauseous.

My husband who had been an RAF pilot, had me admitted to a military hospital in London where a stent was fitted into the common bile duct. This saved my life temporarily as it stopped my immediate death from liver failure. However the mass was still there in the head of the pancreas.

It was impossible to perform the Whipple’s operation, and too late for chemo or radiation. In fact having seen my 18 year old daughter die of cancer 14 years earlier, from chemo and radiation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I would not have agreed to such brutal poisoning and burning anyway.

God opens a door of hope

So I went to my London church where I had been married and my three children baptised. I was prayed for by Emmy Wilson, a pastor who had previously been a gastro enterology nurse. Emmy told me about vitamin B17 which comes from the apricot kernels. She said there was a Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico where the director, Dr. Francisco Contreras had the best results. https://www.oasisofhope.com/

I was too ill to fly to Mexico at that time, but Dr. Contreras did direct my treatment in Jersey. I had the ampoules of B17 given intravenously, 9 grams at a time, with Vitamin C and DMSO every second day for 13 days. I took the pancreatic enzymes with trypsin and chymotrypsin. https://www.cytopharmaonline.com/en/

I also did the radical Gerson Therapy of 5 daily enemas and 15 daily juices. Dr Patrick Vickers is now the world authority on Gerson. He founded and runs a Clinic in Mexico where I filmed. http://www.gersonclinic.com/ I actually did all the enemas and juices at home.

Where can I buy Gerson products in UK?

In UK we can buy the genuine Gerson coffee and the enema kits from .

Dr Patrick Vickers has spoken at my Seminars in UK and Ireland and in Spain. Our TV interviews are among my many interviews on this website.

There are also Integrated Cancer Clinics in Germany and Hungary, as patients demand alternatives to brutal poisoning and burning.

I prayed a lot. I tithed. In fact I was in such pain I really just wanted respite and to be with my daughter in the hereafter.

But I was also aware that my other two children did not need to see their mother die so soon after witnessing the death of their sister. They had also been drinking the chemicals in the well water in our old Jersey farm house, and I needed desperately to find a natural way for them to heal if they also succumbed.

I revoked and rescinded all negativity in my life and determined to survive against all the odds. My husband Bernard was an absolute rock, juicing for me and continuously encouraging me.


Amazingly, after a month of the natural treatment, I began to recover. Within 8 months the tumour was reduced to a mere scar. Radiologists gathered around the scans in amazement in Jersey, in London and in Portugal. They had never seen pancreatic cancer reverse with the normal orthodox treatments of chemo and radiation.

I was determined to spread the good news, actually bought ten copies of Phillip Day’s book to show all my doctors, but the doctors simply did not show interest. I doubt they even read the books. Our doctors in the west are bound by Big Pharma and the trillions a year lucrative cancer industry. If they step out of line they are banned and their careers broken.

The history of B17

But the cure has been known for centuries. Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University was using it. As was Dr. Ernesto Contreras, father of Dr. Francisco Contreras.

American researcher G Edward Griffen wrote a book “World Without Cancer”. British researcher Phillip Day wrote a book called “Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth” Also “B17 – Metabolic Therapy in the Prevention and Control of Cancer.” But still patients are not being given education and choices as to how they want to heal.

Having seen my daughter die such a horrific death from cancer I was incandescent with rage that these natural cures had been covered up. So I trained around the world, and then spent a year writing my book “God’s Healing Word.” This is based on the Genesis 1:29 and 30 diet and clean life style. I set up my website https://www.FelicityCorbinWheeler.org.

TV ministry to the world

I then volunteered to make FREE live TV programs for Christian Revelation TV on natural health. The studios were in Spain. I made LIVE TV weekly programs for seven years. I received no payment and no expenses. I had a buy somewhere to live as rent is just money down the drain… So I bought and took a big loss when I sold, because property prices dropped because of Brexit. But our Get Well Stay Well programs on Revelation TV reached 169 countries three times a week on satellite Sky TV 581. I am so happy they continue to use my clips on their R Mornings program. Revelation became my wonderful family and I miss them!

Approaching my eighth decade, I continue to research into natural cures such as pure water, pure food, pure air. B17, the essential oils, and the GcMaf, Globulin Component Macrofage Activating Factor. Erin Elizabeth, partner of Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has the most highly followed natural health newsletter, has listed the murders of more than 180 medical doctors who have researched this 20 year old natural cure in USA. Many were also killed for promoting B17 and the Gerson lifestyle of Dr Max Gerson.

In no way am I advocating GcMaf. I only ever advocate something I have personally used. I am just researching it intelligently. I am of course not a medical doctor and by law everyone should consult their own personal doctor who of course can monitor and advise them.

Cancer Act 1939 relaxed

The 1939 Cancer Act in UK says by law only chemo therapy, radiotherapy and surgery can be used to treat cancer. But since Lord Saatchi’s wife died of orthodox treatment he had this law AMENDED through the House of Lords. If a patient is terminal, and they and their medical advisor agrees, they can try alternative modalities.

GcMaf, like B17, is a natural part of the healthy body. It is the deficiency of these good natural components, combined with toxicity in our chemicalised water, our chemicalised food and our sprayed chemicalised air, that causes cancer.

I will not be silenced. God has brought me through so much and the cure options should be available to all who need them. Its a matter of choice. Look at the statistics and choose wisely.

The Truth About Cancer

I was delighted to be invited to take part in the film “The Truth About Cancer” with Ty Bollinger with 131 other doctors and cured patients.

Royal Society of Medicine

I am also delighted to have been invited to become a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine. Dr. Francisco has been my guest speaker there and we had standing room only at the seminar. Dr Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Gerson Treatment centre also uses B17 and has spoken at my seminars.

I am now back home in Jersey spending quality time with my family, and particularly proud of my grandson who has written a “Get Well Stay Well Book for Kids” at age nine, and leads the Eco Group at his school.

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