We used to obtain these from our diet! But no longer! The World Health Organisation statistics reveal our soil is now 86% deficient in minerals. So the food grown in this soil is certainly 86% deficient. No wonder so many are sick! Unless we feed out bodies the nutrients they need, we will never get well and stay well. Added to which our food is now sprayed with chemicals, and much of it is genetically modified. he truth is our food is now harming us more than it nourishes us.

What if we could DRINK our minerals?

Since I was a young nurse I used to pray for a pleasant tasting drink that my patients could easily swallow, that would contain ALL the nutrients they needed to heal.

Then four years ago I found these wonderful natural products. They are produced by a man who had healed his own fractured body and overcome the worst aortic aneurism. He has literally walked the walk to healing as I have done, and is more knowledgeable on nutrition than any medical doctor I have consulted.

Peter Willoughby is now guest speaker at my Seminars in UK, Jersey and Spain. Having been through so much pain himself, Peter has a compassionate heart for suffering humanity. He kept his minerals and vitamins out of the clutches of Big Pharma and only sells direct to the public on line. https://www.simplynaturals.com/114946 The minerals are incredible value, at less than a pound a day.

Imagine the cost of buying 75 different tubs of minerals, and actually opening up and swallowing them each day! We know we would never bother!

Where to get the best fizzy minerals?

But Simply Naturals has done all the work for us. The wafers come packed with all 75 minerals in perfect proportion to each other. They come in easy to carry tubes which fit in a handbag, sports bag or lunch box. We simply drop a wafer into pure water, watch them fizz with goodness, and drink.

We even have a choice of delicious flavours – cherry, orange, lemon or natural. I have tried them all and love the cherry ones best. So do my grandchildren! They ask for then every time they visit.

Delivered to your door each month!

The best thing is you can buy them on line and they are delivered in the post on a regular monthly basis so you never run out. Log on to ,https://www.simplynaturals.com/114946, select your country, and see the range of products. Choose your minerals, the vitamins, also the award winning CardioFlow heart product which has won awards.

Guard your heart!

How many of us thank our hearts for faithfully beating 24/7, waking a sleeping, every moment of our lives? Its time to reward your heart with Peter’s amazing CardioFlow product.

Getting out of pain…

For those in pain, discover the PainPod medical device which physiotherapists, sportsmen and women and patients all love.

Solution for chocoholics!

My absolute favourite is the Kwix healthy chocolate snack. Sugar free, dairy free, pure cacao with minerals and digestive enzymes, these individually wrapped snacks are a chocoholics delight!

Curcumin anti inflammatory

My family and I also love the Curcumin, the best anti inflammatory, presented in a unique double capsule for maximum bio availability.

The personal testimonies from the minerals speak for themselves. Increased energy, relief from pain, improved skin, eyesight, sharper focus, improved mood, these minerals are the absolute first base from which to build or rebuild our bodies.

Blood tests and scales do not lie. As you see the blood picture improve in only three days, we realise just how wonderful these products are!

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