When I trained with Dr Deepak Chopra in India and later in San Diego he taught me about oil pulling. This is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing a teaspoon of oil round the mouth for 5-20 minutes as we get up, showered and dressed in the morning.

This oil collects all the bacteria that has collected in our mouths overnight. Cardiologists have long warned us about these toxins that collect and cause heart disease. When you have finished your oil pulling, spit into a tissue and bin. Do not spit the oil into basins or loos which will block up.

Oil swilling also helps to clean our teeth and stop tooth decay. I have known it stop tooth ache quite dramatically.

www.GenesisHealing.co.UK offer a delicious English peppermint oil pulling mouthwash using melaleuca, citrus, and lemon peel oil. This makes a refreshing start to the morning, and can be followed by cleaning the teeth with Dr Bronner’s fluoride free peppermint toothpaste. You can buy both these products as I do from www.GenesisHealing.co.UK, And remember to floss afterwards with the beautiful little Glide Floss picks. from your local pharmacy. Smile! It lightens us up, and lightens everyone else up, too!

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