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In 2003, when I had been given only a few weeks to live, I was told at my church in London

about the Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico, Oasis of Hope.   

I was told they did alternative cancer treatments there, which were my only hope.   

Although I was too ill to fly there, I followed their regime, which healed me.

For patients interested in actually going to Oasis of Hope, here is the current information.

NOTE:  There is no commercial arrangement of any kind between Oasis and myself.  

I simply think this offers the best hope to a cancer patient.


Here is the current Admissions advice:

At Oasis of Hope our objective is always to use multiple treatment

strategies to achieve cancer control and improve the patient’s quality
of life.  Success at Oasis of Hope is also determined by slowing or
reversing the spread of the tumor.

We treat every patient on an individual basis and the program Dr. Contreras 

recommends will be personalized to fit the patient’s needs. 

The usual standard approach of conventional medicine may be too harsh.                                                                        . A more sound way to proceed is to do a treatment within the naturopathic realm,

which is vigorous enough to allow for the possibility of disease
control or better, while maintaining a high quality of life status, in
essence a good treatment without side effects. That is what our CMIT
therapies do.

Our average treatment plan is 26 days (carried out in two cycles – the
first being a 20 days followed some 12 weeks later by a booster 6-day
cycle.  All our treatment plans include transport to and from San
Diego to the hospital through the border; a full physical exam upon
admission which includes CT Scan, chest x-ray, full blood panel, all
the treatments contained in the treatment plan proposed by Dr.
Contreras, as well as accommodation and meals for two (patient and a
companion).  Our standard treatments include: Laetrile (B17)
infusions, Ozone Super-Oxygen blood Infusions, UV light for Dendritic
Cells, High-Dose Vitamin C infusions, Hyperthermia, Nutraceuticals,
Organic Food 3X per day for patient and companion.  We also offer our
powerful immune-guided, tumor-specific Dendritic Cell Vaccine (DCV) –
The DCV is developed from the patient’s own blood and activated by
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), IPT and optional low-dose chemo if
suggested by Dr. Contreras if he feels these would be a complimentary

For your information an average cost of treatment for both cycles (5
weeks treatment)  is in the $30,000 to $38,000 range, dependent upon
which treatment plan Dr. Contreras feels would be the best option for
the patient.  Our treatment plans can be adjusted to take a patient’s
finances into consideration. We do try our best to assist our patients
in helping them afford to come.  Our goal is to help everyone who
reaches out to us so they can come for the necessary treatment and we
look forward to being a part of your efforts against this disease.

I look forward to hearing back from you if you have any further
questions;  I would be pleased to call you personally if you can
confirm a time that works good for you or SKYPE works too.

Please find attached two documents;  a Medical Questionnaire and a
short Recap of our services, which is an important document for you to

I have also included a list of frequently asked questions, which you
may find of assistance too.


Here is the short list of top Questions and Answers:

QUESTION: What’s it like to come as a patient?

ANSWER: Take a virtual tour: https://www.oasisofhope.com/

QUESTION:  Can you cure my kind of cancer?

ANSWER:   We are the only Alternative Cancer Treatment Hospital in the
world that conducted 5-year Survival Rates. These studies were
conducted over a 5-year period using the National Cancer Institute US
SEER Protocol. We used the four most prevalent kinds of cancer. We can
safely state that with all four kinds of cancer, our methods were 2-3
times more effective than the US national average.

QUESTION:  Why should someone choose Oasis over a different hospital or clinic?

ANSWER:   There are 3 main reasons Oasis is the best choice:

(1). Our Director, Francisco Contreras is a Surgical Oncologist. Most other
facilities do not have a full-time resident Oncologist on staff.

Our hospital has over 50 years of experience in oncology, alternative,
and integrative cancer therapy. We have been heavily copied over the
last half-century but nearly always by someone who did not fully
understand what we were doing.

(3). We treat the body and soul offering Bible studies and prayer.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to come to Oasis of Hope?

ANSWER:  It depends on what your medical records show. On average,
your stay is 26 days, done in two cycles. The first cycle is usually
20 days followed by a second cycle of six days, usually 4-6 weeks
following the first cycle.  Call 888-500-4673 to discuss different
pricing strategies and fund raising ideas.

QUESTION: Will my Health Insurance work in Mexico?

ANSWER:  If you have a PPO, we have a company that can work with you
to recover on average of $6,000-$12,000 of your expenses. There is a
free pre-qualification, if you qualify, the registration fee is $250
plus 15% of the collections. Patients have reported high satisfaction
working with this billing company.

Do I need a passport?

ANSWER: Yes, both you and your companion will need a current passport.

QUESTION: Is Tijuana safe to visit?

ANSWER: The beach community where Oasis of Hope is located is as safe
as most cities in the USA. In fact, our community forms part of the
Baja California costal area where more than 500,000 Americans live in
retirement homes. We will pick you up at the San Diego airport and the
45-minute drive will take you to the hospital that is located in the
beach section of Tijuana; a family neighborhood. In our 50-year
history, there has never been a single case of violence toward any
patient. Most visit the beach, local shops, gym, and restaurants
during their stay. Oasis of Hope is a secured facility with in-room
safes.  The environment is peaceful and healing.

QUESTION: Can I bring someone from home?

ANSWER:  Yes. Your private hospital room has two beds and your
Companion stays free in your room and eats the 3 organic meals a day
for free.

QUESTION:  Do I wear my clothes or a gown?

ANSWER:  You will wear casual clothes, for example, jeans and a shirt.
Bring a sweater or light jacket in the winter months. Summers are very
warm. You can do laundry for $5.50 per bag and comes back folded.

QUESTION: Is there a private bath or shower in the room?

ANSWER: Yes, each room has a private bathroom with a shower. Bring
your own blow dryer.

QUESTION: What is the voltage for the electrical outlets?

ANSWER: Same as USA, 110 Volts with the same type of plugs.


Medical Questionnaire

No need to print this questionnaire just click on reply and fill in the answers


Personal Information

Patient Name:

Patient Date of Birth



Home Phone: 

Cell Phone



Primary Care Giver

Primary Care Giver Phone Number

How did you hear about us



Type of Cancer: 

Stage at diagnosis

Date of Diagnosis: 

Treatments taken:   

Include number of cycles. Be Specific:

Results obtained with treatment:

Date of last treatment:

Date of next treatment


Physical Condition


Do you need a wheel chair or walker: 

Can the patient eat alone: 

Can the patient toilet alone

Can the patient bathe alone:

Is the patient in pain: 

Specify type of pain:

Pain strength from 1 to 10:

Pain medication type and dosage: 

Additional comments:




Sending your information back to us:

By email: sue@oasisofhope.com

By regular mail: PO Box 530478 San Diego CA 92153

By fax: – USA 1 619 828 0449

Please call us if you have any questions: 888 500 4673 or on Sue’s cell 619 905 6233

Skype is also available


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner with you in your journey to regain your health


Sue Carruthers

Admissions Coordinator

Oasis Of Hope Hospital

Toll Free: 888-500-4673

Direct:  (619) 905-6233

Fax:  619 828 0449

Email: sue@oasisofhope.com

Skype:  susiecarruthers




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