Great news for cancer patients! We can order on line direct from the laboratory in Mexico.

Click the link to see the ampoules, tablets, enzymes, cream, and powerful supplements that are used in the hospital itself. I bought from this laboratory in 2003 and the products arrived safely and promptly. I still order today. Although I am cancer free in my 80th year, I continue as a preventative.

With one in two now being diagnosed with cancer I believe everyone needs to protect themselves by building up their B17 in the body.


The supplements are much purer than the apricot kernels today. Many are sprayed with chemicals.


With the supplements we know exactly the strength. You can choose 100 mg or 500 mg tablets.


The products are dispatched by 3 pm on the day they receive your order.


This is an ethical, family owned company. Dr Gustavo del Rio was the pharmacist who made the products for his friend Dr Ernesto Contreras 59 years ago. Dr Gustavo’s daughters now direct the laboratory as Dr. Ernesto’s son Francisco directs the legendary hospital. A family connection.

Pricing is ethical too!

The company have kept the pricing down. Big Pharma on the other hand makes trillions a year out of chemo drugs and radiation.


For 59 years intelligent educated cancer patients from all over the world have had great results with these natural products. I cured my pancreatic cancer with B17 in 2003. Within 8 months the huge mass in the head of my pancreas was reduced to a mere scar. My weight was restored to normal from five stone only. My excruciating pain was gone. My jaundice was gone.

Chris Wark of Chis Beat Cancer also used B17. And Dr. Patrick Vickers also uses it for his patients. B17 was featured in the film The Truth About Cancer.

Phillip Day has written two books on B17. Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth. And B17 – the Metabolic Therapy.

Watch my interviews with all these men on my website videos.

But for millions of cancer patients who cannot travel to the clinics in Mexico, here is help instantly on line.

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