Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University discovered in 1902 that when we hurt ourselves our bodies automatically initiate a healing procedure.  We all have stem cells in our bodies that have been arrested at the embryonic stage and not yet gone on to develop into blood, skin, bone, or any other body part.   When we need to heal, oestrogen stimulates these embryonic stem cells to begin rapidly multiplying, forming cell masses that Beard called “trophoblasts”.   These trophoblastic cells have the ability to form into any body part and so repair the damage and seal off the injury.

When the repairs are complete, the healing process is terminated by two enzymes from the pancreas, trypsin and chymotrypsin.   They destroy any remaining trophoblast, preventing this cell multiplication process continuing any further.
What an infinitely intelligent Creator we have.   As Psalm 139 says, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.”

Beard also discovered that if our levels of these vital pancreatic enzymes are depleted, there is a possibility that the healing process may not terminate, resulting in continued multiplication of the trophoblastic mass now known as a tumour.   Cancer.

Beard had also discovered that pregnancies have an identical mode of operation to healing in so far as these stem cells are concerned.   He had found that at the commencement of a pregnancy the hormone oestrogen stimulates these stem cells to rapidly multiply into trophoblasts.   The purpose of trophoblastic cells in pregnancy is to etch away part of the uterus that the embryo may attach itself and continue to develop.  Around the 56th day of pregnancy the baby´s pancreas comes on line producing the two enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin.  Once again, these two enzymes terminate the trophoblastic multiplication of these cells.  Now their task is ended and the pregnancy continues as normal….

But Beard had discovered one further thing. If the baby´s pancreas fails to produce these two enzymes both the mother and her baby die as an uncontrolled proliferation of trophoblast cells – cancer.  Beard´s conclusion was therefore that cancer is an oestrogen instigated healing process that simply had not terminated on completion of its task.  Why, we might ask, are we prescribed extra oestrogen in hormone therapy treatment and the contraceptive pill?

Beard had shown that cancer is also a pancreatic enzyme deficiency problem!  The pancreatic enzyme deficiency in our bodies is primarily caused by a diet rich in animal proteins which require both of these enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin as part of the digestion process.   Therefore we should avoid animal food loaded with fat, toxins and oestrogens used to plump up the animals and birds for supermarkets.
God´s word in Genesis 1.29 and 30 was now vindicated scientifically. We are to eat plant food and we are to eat it RAW.  A raw, plant based diet keeps us healthy, but an animal based diet, particularly when it is cooked and loses all living enzymes, causes sickness.

Beard continued to successfully treat cancer patients with pancreatic enzymes for the rest of his life.  In the mid 1950’s, the American biochemist called Ernst Krebs, known to all medical students for the “Krebs Cycle”, took up the research in Nevada.  He was studying the absence of cancer in certain non-industrialised peoples.    There are tribes on earth now such as the Hunzas, who do not have cancer.   When these people start to eat a western diet, high in animal protein, they succumb like the rest of us.

What were they doing in their natural societies that was protecting them?
Krebs discovered that the Hunza people ate a lot of apricots.   In fact they gauged their wealth by the number of apricot trees they owned.   But what caught Krebs attention was that they never ate the fruit without cracking open the pit and eating the seed of the fruit.   Just like God tells us to do in the first chapter of Genesis!
The seed, Krebs found out, contained hydrocyanic acid, a compound found in the seeds of fruit excluding citrus, along with 1,400 other foods that were freely available in the western world and now no longer being consumed in sufficient quantity.

Krebs’ work on hydrocyanic acid led him to discover an amazing phenomenon.  This substance contained in the seeds of common fruits, except citrus, when eaten in sufficient quantities, was selectively toxic to trophoblasts, yet did not affect healthy tissue at all.  Krebs named the active principle in hydrocyanic acid “Laeo-mandala-nitrile” or “Laetrile”.

The technique Laetrile uses to kill cancer cells is simple and ingenious.   Krebs found that cancer cells are distinguishable from healthy tissue because cancer cells contain an enzyme in their protein coating that healthy cells do not possess.  And it is this enzyme in the trophoblastic cells that triggers the laetrile into releasing a combination of two poisons, hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde, which selectively kill the cancer cell.

Krebs also found that when Laetrile came into contact with healthy tissue, far from the body experiencing toxicity from any subsequent reaction, this excess laetrile was simply broken down into two nutritious products, sodium thyo-cynate and benzoic acid which are then passed out of the body via the urine.

Laetrile offers a method by which any cancer cells in the body, no matter where they have migrated, can be selectively targeted and destroyed with no ill effects to the rest of the body and to the recovering patient.   God´s way is the perfect cancer cure.

Krebs, under advice from Dr. Dean Burk, co-founder of the National Cancer Institute in America, awarded Laetrile vitamin status, arguing that it was the vital nutrient, the absence of which would invariably bring on the metabolic deficiency state of cancer.  Laetrile, to the great anger of the cancer establishment, became Vitamin B17, and became branded under the name Amygdaline, after “prunus amygdalus”, the humble little yellow apricot.

The deficiency of B17 has to be put right before the body can be restored.   Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can at best only remove isolated tumours temporarily.   Eventually the body cannot tolerate any more treatment, and the patient dies of metastases.   But with vitamin B17, taken intravenously or intramuscularly, in tablet form or simply in the natural kernels, plus the Genesis diet, pancreatic enzymes and cleansing of the system, and the peace of God, cancer can be totally eradicated from the body.

As long as the lifestyle continues, it will not return.   Why should it?   The deficiency has been overcome, just as it was in scurvy.

Dr. Francisco Contreras, the present world authority on laetrile in the treatment of cancer, has treated over one hundred thousand patients with success at the Oasis of Hope Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico.    He has written books and lectures internationally on the subject.  He is following the work done by his father Dr. Ernesto Contreras, who founded the state of the art hospital in Mexico, and was joined by Dr. Max Gerson who had previously been advocating the Gerson Therapy vegetable juice cancer cure in Europe.

It is found that laetrile and the Genesis programme succeed nearly 100% of the time in all “virgin” cases where the patient has not been exposed to damaging surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

This is why it is so important that people should have this information as soon as they are diagnosed.  Ideally, young people should be made aware of this cancer prevention and cure before it ever becomes salient in their lives.  And the good news for patients who have already had some orthodox treatment is that B17 can help even them, provided too much damage has not been done.

If you want to heal cancer God’s natural way, you must discipline your diet and lifestyle, get hold of the B17 and be as determined as I was to withstand the scepticism of the medics, and well meaning family and friends.   You have to re-educate yourself fast, and become accountable for your own health and heal naturally.   I was amazed to find that it is estimated two million people around the world are on the Genesis diet and none of these people have reported developing cancer.

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