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Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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Natural medicine, as taught by God in the Bible, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates and wise doctors throughout the ages, saved my life in 2003 when I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

I still practice it, to keep me free from cancer and also ALL OTHER chronic degenerative disease.ManRunning

Trained as a nurse, I realised chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not the answer to cancer when my own beautiful daughter died of these treatments in 1989.

I started to research prayerfully and earnestly to save the rest of my family who had all been exposed to the same pollutants that had caused terminal cancer in my daughter of only 18.

One of the books that educated and healed me was  that of Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1959).   Dr Max died unexpectedly a year after publishing his book “A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases”.   He had had a brilliantly successful practice in New York but Big Pharma had hounded him to death, for curing naturally.    No longer was their lethal chemotherapy and radiotherapy necessary.   They were to lose billions, once the truth was out.   The cancer industry is the world’s second biggest earner – second only to the WAR industry.

Sheer evil and greed feed both industries.   Big Pharma hijacked the medical profession and governments to suppress natural cures that work, and make them illegal.   Millions die in agony from their cutting, burning and poisoning.

It is my privilege and a blessing to be able to air this natural therapy on Revelation TV, reaching 169 countries, every Monday, for an hour.   In 2014 I visited the Gerson Institute in San Diego, and in 2015 I filmed at the Northern Baja Gerson Treatment Centre in Mexico,  founded and run by an American Christian, Dr. Patrick Vickers, who like me, has dedicated his life to developing  the ideas of Dr. Max Gerson.  He is taking the Gerson Therapy to new heights, by continuing the ideas Dr. Gerson was working on when he died so suddenly.

With all humility and gratitude to Dr. Gerson, I have added my 75 years of experience to my version of the therapy, simply because I have healed of pancreatic cancer this way.   This works.

I have added some new ideas which have come to light since the death of Dr. Max Gerson,  particularly the new plant based minerals, which were not available in his day, the essential oils, and the bio electrical patches, that I found to work.

I have walked the walk for many years now and know this is the way to thrive and survive in our polluted world.

Gerson is based on detoxing the body and restoring necessary nutrients to the body, with clean air, oxygen and organic freshly juiced or cooked produce.

To begin with, the body MUST detox, before we start killing more cancer cells.   Otherwise the patient may die of the dead  cancer cells, which would overwhelm the liver.

We detox with a simple washable, reusable colonic, enema and implant kit which I have put together for Get Well Stay Well participants, together with my 32 page booklet which is sent by E mail ahead of the kit arriving.   This is to ensure that people READ the booklet first.

The kit comprises a one liter bag, tubing, anal applicator for the washouts and coffee enemas, also an  implant bulb for implanting nutrients into the clean empty colon, and to complete the kit,  a vaginal douche for the ladies.

If you want to do Gerson, you must understand that this is a lifestyle change from what was killing you, and once you have detoxed, you must maintain the program.   How long?   For as long as you wish to stay well…. simple as that.

First start by washing out the colon with pure water, reaching right round to the ascending colon as well as the transverse and descending colon, you will have started to loosen up hard, impacted fecal matter that is poisoning you.

When you have done this at least five times a day for two days, you are ready to start your coffee enemas.

All instructions are in my 32 page booklet, available only with the kit, on the home page of my website.

The coffee enema does not reach all round the colon as the water did.   The coffee enema only goes as far as the sigmoid colon.   Its purpose is not to clean out faeces, which should already have been done by the water colonic.

The coffee enema is to shock the haemorroidal veins to cause  a fast detox in the liver, which is your body’s filter.

The bile ducts open up and toxins start to pour out into the colon, where they must be flushed away again with a water washout.

The second purpose of the coffee enema is to stimulate the 70o% greater production of glutathione S transferase in your liver.   This is natures greatest anti oxidants, and will start to heal your immune system.

After finishing your enema you can implant aloe vera, probiotics or chamomile tea into the clean colon, where it is fast absorbed.

Once you have established the detox you can start the juicing, with will accelerate the detox exponentially.

Organic juices ONLY, and FRESHLY PRESSED, to preserve the living enzymes and oxygen.   This is VITAL.

A fresh juice on every hour, starting with orange, carrot and apple, green leaves, grape, grapefruit, tomato and apple

No pure water, except when you drink your with their vitamins.

You need all your stomach capacity for getting NUTRIENTS into the cells.

It is vital you look at food now as your MEDICINE.   No longer does it matter what you fancy, but what is going to save your life.

Eliminate all meat and dairy including all cows milk, cream, cheese and any cow product.  Dairy is the worst for making MUCOUS in the body which coats our CELLS so they can no longer work.   Once deprived of nutrition, electricity and oxygen, they die.   Once the cells die, the organ dies, and once the organ dies, we start to die.   Nowhere is this truer than in the liver, our filter.

We must detox the liver first, through the colon.   Once the liver is detoxed we must detox the kidneys, the gall bladder,  the bladder, blood and lymphatic system.   We need to make a complete detox from cellular stagnation.   Like a river, our blood stream needs to be clean, and flowing freely.   Stagnation and pollution in a river, as in our body, is the cause of disease.

Eliminate tobacco, alcohol, chocolate, black tea, coffee to drink, refined sugars, flours and all refined products.   If you want rice, take only brown whole grain rice, and spelt pasta.   Make your own sauces of onions, garlic and tomato, with herbs on top instead of parmesan cheese.

Avoid all household salt, and take potassium powder supplement and Lugol’s Iodine.

Drink warm, comforting, nutritious Hippocrates Soup. combining potatoes, onions, garlic, and all organic vegetables, particularly broccoli.  If you need to use any oil, use coconut ONLY.

Make ratatouille from gently stewed vegetables.

Make red cabbage with apples.

Make a curry of broccoli and other organic vegetables, with  a sauce of coconut oil, onions, garlic, chopped apples, raisins for sweetness, turmeric, cumin and a little spelt flour for thickening, for the warming, spicy flavour.

Make your final coffee enema around 6 pm, and after that only use chamomile tea enema.   This will start to sedate you for the night.

Skin brush, with a stiff bristle brush all over the body.  Do this in the shower so you can flush away the dead, toxic cells.

Take a 45 minute far infra red Sauna, to sweat out any more toxins through the skin.

Shower off the sweat using hot water, and a home made wash of pure soap, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils.

Then take a leisurely bath  in very hot water, containing bicarbonate of soda to detox the body.

After drying the skin, anoint with coconut oil and 100% pure essential oils.   Most cancer patients use frankincense, which you can mix with lemon and citrus in the daytime, and lavender at night to ease you into sound sleep.   Frankincense is recommended by several doctors to cure cancer.   Anoint the body, inhale it and ingest it on the top of the tongue.   Touch the roof of the mouth with the oil to reach the hypothalamus and amygdala, which it is proven  by several doctors and patients in The Truth About Cancer, to eradicate brain cancers.

The essential oils certainly have high oxygen radical absorbance capacity, cross the blood/brain barrier and affect emotions profoundly.     This is why they have been used successfully for thousands of years.   They are in fact natures first medicine, and were used by the Greek Father of Medicine, Hippocrates.

Be in bed by 9 pm at the latest, as we are ideally trying to keep to the hours of light.

We should only eat and exercise during the day light hours.    God created the darkness for our sleep and regeneration.

No TV, reading only, until the eyes drop and you are ready for sleep, thoroughly detoxed, empowered by the healing foods and fortified by the healing oils.

Your bedroom should be cool and airy, but your bed warm with electric blanket if necessary.  Hyperthermia is used in natural healing centres to kill cancer cells.   So your hot bath and hot bed are therapeutic.

Emotional and spiritual support is probably the best cure for cancer.     It is said that 95% of all cancers starts from emotional and spiritual toxicity.   It is vital to detox, retrain the thought processes to healthy patterns, pray and anoint with oils as you dedicate your life anew to God, and to yourself.

Join me on one of my weeks courses in Jersey or Spain to live the Gerson life with me.

See the machines I use, such as the juicers, distillers, dehydrator, water ozonator, electrical and magnetic pulsers, the Ionic foot detox machine, oxygen, and demonstrate the food preparation,  saunas, essential oils.

Your health is in YOUR hands.   I believe it is only when we empower ourselves, fortified by the Holy Spirit of our Creator, that we can truly heal.

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