USAFlagFollowing my appearance in the epic documentary www.The Truth About Cancer, I have become aware of the RECENT murders of many courageous, much loved medical doctors, dentists and osteopaths in the USA.

My ministry is built on the memory of my daughter who died of chemotherapy in 1989, and my own recovery from pancreatic cancer in 2003 by NATURAL DETOX against all medical odds. I published a book “God’s Healing Word” to enlighten people of the dangers of chemo therapy, and the alternatives.

I am only too well aware of the way natural cancer cures have been surpressed, and caring, courageous doctors  hounded, harrassed and murdered.

Therefore, I am determined to publicise these latest deaths.    As a 75 year old grandmother,  with my own one hour weekly Get Well Stay Well TV show reaching the world, God had put me in the perfect position to take up this cause.

Rather me than younger people with families to support, who cannot risk meeting with an intimely death.

We all know that medicine was hi jacked by Big Pharma in the 1940’s.    Rockefeller (oil)  and Carnegie (steel) hi jacked natural, herbal medicine and created multi billion Big Pharma.   This was born  from the German pharmaceutical companies in the 1940’s, I G Farben, who supplied the gas for the Nazi gas chambers and through Big Pharma still supplies the lethal mustard gas as chemotherapy, killing a huge percentage of cancer patients and putting them through a living hell during their “treatment”.  Big Pharma is also keen to promote vaccines and governments are making them mandatory.   It is estimated that a child reaching 18 has now had 69 toxic innoculations in USA since birth.   And we have never had sicker children.   Obesity, autism, auto immune disease and cancers proliferate.

Big Pharma has become the most lucrative money earner, second only to the international War machine.   Big Banking and Big Money start wars with false flags, support both sides and make money out of the conflict and the ensuing re building and “health” business.

All natural, immune boosting cures for cancer have been rigorously suppressed by Big Pharma.  Horrifically it is now apparently backed by American government and law enforcement.  Armed SWOT teams arrive at doctors offices and terrify the staff and patients.    The land of the free and home of the brave has been hijacked.

Please do your own research.

Below is an incomplete list of some of the doctors who have died in suspicious circumstances since June 2015.   Some deaths may prove to be co incidences, but the pattern of RAIDS on these doctors offices, followed by their disappearance and deaths, is too big a coincidence.

Only an international, public outcry will stop these deaths.

If you have dates and places, please update me with corrections to the information I have been given so far.   I air these deaths on my TV show which reaches the world.   I am not afraid of being targeted.   I am 75, in perfect health having just had a medical check up, I am cancer free due to natural detox,  I and certainly would not take my life.  So if I die or disappear under suspicious circumstances, it is for you, the public to make the outcry, and make it loud and clear.

Here is the list:   Sadly I had to add the latest victim only yesterday.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet    pastor and medical doctor     shot on 19th June 2015.

Dr. Ronald Schwartz    shot

Dr. Bruce Hedendahl   shot

Dr. Baron Holt    shot

Dr. Teresa Sievers – bludgeoned to death in her Florida home – mother of two little girls

Dr. Lisa Riley     shot

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – died of a “heart attack” following raid on his offices in New York.   Very well known author and speaker.

Dr. Marie Pass   shot

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor – shot

Dr. Jerome Block      “jumped” from 20th floor office after raid on his offices

Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick    shot

Dr.  Hansen Abdul   shot

Dr. Renee Mary Bovier  – stabbed in Pennsylvania

Dr. Peligian    shot

Dr. Mark Ernsting   shot

Dr.  Christopher Robert    shot

Dr. Thomas Eynon    unexplained car crash – suspicious

Dr. William Snow     shot

Dr. Chris Coffman   shot

Dr. Janelle Bottorf    shot

Dr. Nabil el Sanadi shot 23rd January 2016 in Florida

Dr. John Marshall shot 27th January 2016, his body found in the Spokane River


All these doctors, from what I understand, were investigating the link between vaccines and autism in children.  They were also investigating natural cancer cures, such a the banned GCMaf.  This stands for Globulin Component Macrophage Activating Factor, which stimulates the body’s immune system to repair itself.   Like laetrile, the essence of the apricot kernel, which helped to save my own life from pancreatic cancer in 2003, GCMaf is banned in USA and Europe.

I am not a medical doctor, have never had anything to do with GCMaf, and no longer accept vaccines myself.

I am a simply passionate about seeing people lead healthy lives, and preventing disease.   My Get Well courses seek to educate people on detox and restoration of the immune system with all natural means.   Jesus told us to Seek the Truth, and the Truth would set us FREE.

God bless readers of this article, and fire you to also stand up for these medical doctors who have been so cruelly cut down.  Their blood cries out to me and I hope to honest people everywhere.

Erin Elizabeth, long time partner of Dr. Eric Mercola, is also investigating these deaths.   She can be contacted on and her Facebook page.





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