As we wake on dark, winter mornings like these, it´s good to know that spring IS coming.  I´m just back from the Holy Land, and seeing pale pink almond blossom against the bright blue sky at this time of year, is a REAL BLESSING. It´s the first precious sign of new life after the winter.   Spring has come!   New life, and new beginnings!!

For me, the almond tree has a special significance.   It saved my life!   There is a theory that cancer is a deficiency disease of something called Vitamin B17.  The strongest source is found in the bitter almond called amygdala, which restores cancer cells to normal.   In 2003 I was given only a few weeks to live with an untreatable cancer in the pancreas.  I had the essence of the seeds, known as B17, given intravenously over 3 weeks by a wonderful doctor, and to cut a long story short, I´m better!  The scans prove it!   

B17 is documented on the internet, under   Check it out.

I owe it all to Gods word in Genesis 1:29 which tells us the seeds of fruits and plants should be our main diet, and Psalm 103 which tells us He will heal all our diseases if we stay in His Word.  I believed, I acted on His Word, I prayed, and I am now recouperating, evangelising in Portugal for the winter.   Thank you, Lord!

In springtime in Portugal, where I had a home for forty years, the hills are covered in with palest pink almond blossom, budding, as it did on Aarons staff.    In fact there´s a legend about the almond bossom!   

It´s said that long ago a King of Portugal married a beautiful princess from a north country.   Much as she loved her husband and the colourful life in the south, she still longed to see the winter snows of her home.  Because he loved her, the King arranged for orchards of almond trees to be planted round the palace.   One January morning he woke her up and took her to her window to see the Portuguese landscape shimmering with pale almond blossom, just as though it was covered in a mantle of fresh snow.

Like the queen, we can also rejoice in the sight.   We also have a King in OUR lives, God our Creator, who loves US and brings beauty and hope and light to our world, when we go through the winter times in OUR lives.  And it is not just in the springtime that God is there for us, lighting our way through life, but in every season.   He has guided me through the winters of my life and He will guide you through yours.  And I´ll finish by saying “ADEUS”, as the Portuguese say as they part.   It means “may God be with you till we meet again.”

Whether it’s in this life time, or in heaven I hope to meet you.   When we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, we are assured of heaven.   The alternative darkness and chaos is too awful to contemplate.   Have you made your decision yet?  If not, do so now… we never know when our short journey here on earth will end, sometimes totally unexpectedly……

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