When I was speaking at the Integrated Health Conference in San Diego I learned about LifeWave patches. I have used them ever since! I use the Engergy Enhancer for Energy, Silent Nights for Sleep, Aeon for Relaxation, Glutathione for an Antioxidant, and above all the xRX Stem Cell patches to boost my own stem cells. This is absolutely the medicine of the future!

They are expensive, but they are life changing and life enhancing. We need a sponsor to introduce us to the company and I can sponsor you. My own medical doctor in Spain actually was already a Lifewave user (NOW ISNT THAT INTRESTING!) and she sponsored me. By joining our team you are joining an experienced team who really know LifeWave works for thousands around the world.

You can sign up as a Customer or get discounts by becoming a Distributor yourself. This enables you to sign up others and earn a residual income by helping others. What a joy to help others regain their health, sleep better, have more energy and relieve stress!

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