Juicing is the easiest way to build the immune system!

There is NO other way to get the necessary amount of living enzymes into our cells!   When we understand how the cells can ONLY work efficiently on a daily intake of electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, vitamins and minerals in LIVING PLANTS, the truth dawns at last!! Dead, cooked animal proteins and processed foods bring death to cells.   But living foods bring LIFE!  ENERGY!

Whether we just start the day with a liquid breakfast of goodness, (apples, oranges, carrots, kale, cucumbers, wheatgrass), and eat cooked food the rest of the day, or whether we gradually increase varied, rainbow juices until we are on a juice every waking hour, our health is in our hands.   (Or rather in our

Blending is also an option if you like a more substantial drink.   Add an avocado to the juice in a blender to create a creamy, wholesome meal in seconds.   Remember you can also add in some cooked rice or mashed potato to make a filling meal.

Blend your salads!   They are more easily digested this way as the blender or juicer PRE-digests them for us!   I suggest this for anyone who has problems eating lettuce and the usual raw salad foods.    As we get older OR UNDER STRESS, our pancreatic enzymes weaken, if so supplement digestive enzymes from

You can also blend almonds.   Pre-soak them overnight to soften first!   This makes them more nutritious and easier to digest. Almonds provide calcium, riboflavin and L-Carnitine, which is BRAIN food as well as building strong nails and luxuriant hair.    Get nuts to prevent going nuts!   Dr. Andrew Saul, the world’s finest professor of orthomolecular medicine, says a handful of cashew nuts is better than a dose of Prozac and does not have damaging side effects.

You can also dehydrate nuts after soaking them.   Then flavour them with healthy Himalayan salt or curry powder, as a scrumptious snack during the day. IF YOU ARE NOT WELL NOURISHED OF COURSE YOU WILL BE DEPRESSED!!!

If you feel you are going nuts, fear not, as the Bible says!  Download Felicity´s little booklet on “Depression – Getting Well and Staying Well”…. CLICK HERE

In cold winter weather, Felicity loved hot vegetable soup for supper, adding spices such as garlic, ginger and turmeric.   Together with a jacket potato topped with chives, dreamy creamy natural yoghurt and chopped spring onions, this is such a comfort to come home alone to.

Felicity was interviewed on Revelation TV and explained the power of  Raw Food Diet

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