“Fear not!”  Jesus tells us many times that we should not be fearful    The only fear we should have is a healthy fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom!  As times get darker, attacks more frequent and the third world war is imminent.  Many of us believe it has already begun.   But all through these troubled times, believers understand what is happening.   They have read the end of the Book, and they know their redemption is near.   Maranatha!  The darker the world gets, the brighter shines God’s love and offer of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that he was coming back to judge the world, and to bring restoration and salvation to those who believe in him.

But before that happened, he said there would be wars and rumours of wars, famines, earthquakes and shakings.

Although Jesus says only his Father knows when the end will come, he has given believers some clues as they watch for the signs of the times.  The whole world watched the four blood moons recently.  The whole world experienced solar flares.  We only have to look up at our criss crossed chemical sky to know strange things are happening,

Messianic Jews have even more clues.  They understand the Jewish idioms and traditions.  They know how a Jewish father is the one who traditionally checks the house his son has prepared to receive his new bride.   The father does not let his son collect the bride for the wedding feast until the father gives his permission. So Jesus won’t come for his bride until everything is prepared.  That means that everyone has had the opportunity to give their lives to the Lord, and believers are safely in the fold.   He checks that the time is right.

The Bible also says Jesus will return “like a thief in the night”,   Again, Messianic believers understand the cultural meaning of this phrase.    They know that the chief rabbi would go round the Temple like a thief in the night and check that the watchmen were not asleep on duty.   If they were, he would singe their garments with his torch.  They had a painful wake up call!  And I think that is what the church needs at this moment.

Wake up and see the signs of the times!  North Korea is showing off its military arsenal.   America is responding with power.   Russia and China are watching.  Last week President Trump bombed Afghanistan with the biggest nuclear bomb since Hiroshima.  Turkey has become a dictatorship this week.   President Erdovan has announced a caliphate,   This is to bring in Sharia law and try to take over Europe.

To those who do not know their Bibles this is shocking and terrifying.  But Bible believers know this is not the end.  It is rather the beginning of the Kingdom.    Come Lord Jesus, we are ready.  And we will bring in as many new believers as we can with us along the way.   God has always offered salvation and a way of escape.  Remember how he took believers out of Egypt?   How he inspired Noah to build the ark?  I believe the ONLY safe place to be is in God’s Will.  Each year, the day of “At-one-ment” is coming at Trumpets and Tabernacles in the autumn.  It is the day when we repent and come back into At One Ment with God through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We shall tabernacle with Him at last. The Bride of Christ,   No more death, suffering or weeping.   Come Lord Jesus!  Maranatha!  Are we fearful?   No fear!   As Jesus says, no one knows the day or the hour.   But we do have clues.   Amen!