Living in the Channel Islands, we are acutely aware of the nuclear station 20 miles away in France at Cap de la Hague. In September 2019 the French authorities have ordered iodine pills to be distributed to everyone within a six mile radius of the plant. These are to be used in case of a leak.

However we know that radiation leaks all the time, including the nuclear rods that were put in the sea near Alderney several decades ago. Of course with time they must be leaking. And of course a 6 or 20 mile limit makes no sense. It all depends on wind and sea currents. And leaks may not be announced until a lot of damage has been done to people’s health.

Iodine is one of the most vital minerals we all need in our bodies. Especially now as we are being bombarded with radiation from the ever spreading nuclear leak at Fukushima, Japan, and constant radiation from our devices.

I take my basic 75 minerals in plant derived form, from . This gives me the perfect BASIC all natural plant derived spectrum of minerals I need in one easy delicious drink, for less than a pound a day. I also take their 16 vitamins in a similar wafer, fizzed up in a glass of water. Then I know whatever else I put into my body, I have received my daily requirement.

Because I have a low immune system since nearly dying of cancer in 2003, I then add liquid iodine, liquid magnesium and liquid selenium. Note all these minerals are beautifully assimilated in the liquid form I prefer. No more choking on horse pills! Always drink your minerals when you can!

Good news! You can now order liquid Lugol’s iodine from

Why is Iodine so important? Surgeons still swab the patient’s skin with it before operations, and it is the safest first aid product, because iodine is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral, making it superior to antibiotics. Antibiotics are now often causing more problems now than they cure, with their adverse side effects.

Iodine is also vital for the central nervous system and our cerebral spinal fluid. So it helps when we are fighting the autoimmune diseases such as CFS, MS and Parkinson’s which emanate from our spines.

Iodine is also vital to protect the thyroid gland. This is the first to suffer when we are radiated – the thyroid gland absorbs radiation like a sponge.

The adrenal glands, breasts, pancreas, salivary glands and skin all require iodine. When we have a wound, an iodine patch will heal it quicker than any antibiotic. You can buy these Betadine iodine moist patches at your chemist. For small wounds that need drying out, there is also a dry spray called Betadine.

Deficiency of iodine can cause dry mouth, dry skin, reduced alertness, brain fog, fibromyalgia, fibrocystic breast problems, cancer of breast, and ovaries. They are our wake up call that something is wrong!

We used to have much more iodine in our daily diet, from iodised salt and in our bread. But the only pure salt is now Himalayan pink salt and our bread no longer contains iodine. Toxic halides, fluoride and bromide, similar in structure to iodine, inhibit iodine absorption.

Iodine can be taken internally in large quantities and will have the same effect internally as it does on external surfaces. Breast cancer patients have had good results by swabbing with iodine.

Whether you use iodine topically or orally, or even nebulise with it for the lungs, start gently with a small dose, and build up. Check your levels with a good naturopath or medical doctor who understands nutrition.