Felicity has been invited to speak at the Integrative Health Cure to Cancer Conference in San Diego

This month she is flying back to America to re-unite and network with colleagues at this inaugural, world changing event.

She and Cy  have pre-recorded two sparkling new programs to cover the two Fridays she is in America, so do watch the 90 minute shows on Revelation TV at 12.30 noon as usual on Fridays. Repeats any time on www.revelationtv.com/CatchUp.

She will be back in May with all the latest information from the world’s finest integrative health doctors on preventing and addressing cancer.

Felicity will be introducing Dr. Francisco Contreras, probably the leading world oncologist, and President of the Oasis of Hope Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico.

It was Dr. Contreras who directed her treatment when she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2003. After eight months of the natural essence of apricot kernels, radical detox, restoration of living enzymes and rehydration, the tumor was reduced to a mere scar.

Five years later, Felicity flew to Mexico to learn all she could about the Christian Cancer Hospital, and met patients from all over the world who had been given up by orthodox medicine, but were healing on Dr. Contreras’s protocol.

It has been known for centuries that hydrocyanic acid in apricot kernels, apple and grape seeds, selectively kills cancer cells, without harming healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy and radiation. However in this toxic world, with over 800 NEW chemical toxins invented in the last 50 years, hydrocyanic acid alone will not cure cancer.

We have to adopt a radical detox, a dramatic change of lifestyle from the one that caused the cancer in the first place.

Nutriloside nutrition, exercise, colonics, rehydration with pure water and alkalising juices, oxygen and ozone therapy, ultra violet light treatment, hyperthermia, intravenous vitamin therapy, temperance, fresh air, sunshine, rest, relaxation, research, conversion of stress to energy, and trust in God all play a vital role.

Oasis of Hope Hospital offers all these therapies, including an exclusive Integrative Regulatory Therapy with three basic protocols, with and without potentiated chemotherapy and interleukins.

And they offer it in a Christian, caring environment with highly trained oncologists and nurses specialising in cancer. The hospital has the BEST SURVIVAL STATISTICS IN THE WORLD, and “terminal” but discerning patients from Australia to Switzerland and the Middle East are found there, healing against all the odds.

We need an Oasis of Hope in Europe…. let’s do it!    Please donate on the donations button on this website!

Google www.OasisofHope.org. Read Dr. Francisco Contreras many books, available on Amazon.com.

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