Cancer cost me a daughter, a husband, and nearly killed me with a huge tumour in the head of my pancreas in 2003.

No surprise, then, that I am passionate about eliminating this disease.

I have learned the truth about cancer.

That the ONLY way to eliminate cancer, and all disease, for that matter, is to address the CAUSE, and rebuild the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

This is done by detoxing the body, restoring the correct pH by using God’s creation diet of fruit, vegetables, seeds, and green plant, re- oxygenating the body and converting STRESS to ENERGY.

The world’s best statistics for cancer cure are found at the Oasis of Hope Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico, where Integrative Regulatory Therapy is used.  This includes the essence of apricot kernels, known as laetrile or vitamin B17, high doses of intravenous vitamins C, oxygen and ozone therapy, hyperthermia, and sometimes specifically targeted doses of the CORRECT, INDIVIDUALISED chemo and radiation, to cure cancer gently and completely.

This is the method that cured me of pancreatic cancer in 2003, and has been curing patients of many different cancers for over 50 years.

These natural methods are DELIBERATELY WITH HELD from the general public internationally by Big Pharma, and in Britain by the iniquitous Cancer Act 1939 which forbids doctors to use ANY method but chemo, radiation and surgery. Therefore intelligent doctors who want to advise their patients to use natural methods such as nutrition are threatened with withdrawal of licence and livelihood. Very few have the guts to stand up for right, and if they do, as my own doctor did, they are struck off.

This is the Medical Mafia who control the media, and who make billions every year from burning and poisoning frightened, misinformed patients, without addressing nutrition, exercise, and stress.

For instance I learned that Hodgkin’s Disease, which killed my daughter, is best cured with supplemented Vitamin D, and that the chemotherapy which tortured her to death had actually been proven largely ineffective, twenty years earlier.   See Pathol.Gen 326, p 161-4 T Desmontes.

Why was this information deliberately with held from us? When I suggested to the oncologist that the chemo was killing my daughter, and asked if he knew of alternative treatments, he said “If you think lettuce leaves can cure your daughter, take her away and stop wasting my time.” Then he administered the third round of chemo, a bone marrow transplant, which killed her.

I have learned the hard way that the public must wake up, take control of their own health, do their research, and make informed choices.

Britain has one of the worst cancer statistics in the industrialised world, and the gullible public STILL contribute to emotional ads for ever more expensive Cancer Research. THE RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE YEARS AGO! It is our lifestyle that is damaging our DNA. Until we make lifestyle changes, the cancer epidemic grows each year.

Burning and poisoning cells alone will never eliminate cancer, which is a systemic disease, not merely a tumour. Drugs will NEVER cure disease, and Big Pharma knows it. Doctors refuse chemo for themselves and their family. Drugs just make money for the ruthless Pharma Mafia WHO CONTROL ONCOLOGY.

I will fight to overcome this bullying and disinformation to my last breath.

The truth is (and doctors know it) that chemo and radiation both CAUSE cancer. So why are the public still bullied into submitting to these poisoning and burning modalities? At best chemo and radiation only temporarily shrink tumours. The tumor is not the cancer, the tumour is the body’s infinitely intelligent way of trying to encapsulate, isolate and remove toxicity.

When we restore the IMMUNE SYSTEM with physical and mental detox, correcting the pH balance, restoring the deficiency of living enzymes and oxygenating the body through exercise, and oxygenation therapy, ozone therapy, hyperthermia, vitamin infusions, chelation, and chemo and radiation ONLY if necessary to shrink a tumour quickly enough for the body to restore immune function, the body has the best chance to heal. This is Integrated Medicine at its best, and it is transforming cancer treatment for those with the intelligence to use it.

These are the tools I learned at the world’s finest natural health institutes, and share on my courses.

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