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I have long been searching for the perfect mineral supplement. I discovered commercial minerals made from rocks were a waste of money. Rock based minerals simply CANNOT be absorbed by the body. I needed plant minerals, because their molecules are the size of a pinhead compared to a football. They can be absorbed into the cells. Also I wanted these in a liquid form which will be instantly absorbed. We are all dehydrated, so drinking my minerals would be the perfect solution. But I could not find a source.

Of course I was juicing my green vegetables, but I knew they were grown in mineraly deficient soil. And I could see I was becoming more and more minerally deficient. I had burned myself out this last year with the ministry, and I knew my heart and lungs were starting to die. I had severe breathing issues.

The sad fact for every man, woman and child on the planet, is we are sickening and dying from mineral deficiency because of SOIL deficiency. The planet is breaking down as we have raped the soil. We have not obeyed the seventh year of rest for the soil in our greed to make more money for Big Farma.

We have also polluted our world with industry and dangerous heavy metal contamination, causing acid rain to fall and spoil our soil.

Big Farma only mineralises the soil with basic NPK – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. We are missing 72 other vital minerals.

This, I now know, is the root of all chronic degenerative disease. Even if we eat totally organic produce, crucially eliminating the worst of pollution, our organic food it is STILL deficient.

I know scientifically from my training that we need 75 minerals. ALL disease comes from lack of these vital minerals in our body. Did you realise that vitamins simply CANNOT be absorbed without sufficient minerals in our body? We are simply wasting money on vitamins which are not being absorbed.


I was searching the world for PLANT minerals that could be absorbed. I knew my cells and the cells of my family and also my beloved Revelation Get Well Stay Well family were fast breaking down as life takes a toll on our bodies.

The major seven minerals are magnesium, calcium, chlorine, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur and sodium. But what about the vital chromium, copper, germanium, manganese, selenium, silica, vanadium and zinc and the 60 others? Without these we have cravings for the WRONG sugars, fats and salts.

I am so excited about this product, that I have set up for you to research. You cannot buy these minerals anywhere in shops, it is Members Only, and they will be auto-shipped from the company to you each month.

No more time consuming searching for products, and running out when you need them. These lifesaving minerals are delivered right to your door every month, on auto-shipping. You are entirely in control of your orders and can cancel at any time. You will have your own customer account with the company, note I am NOT involved. You join as a customer in your own right, just as I am.

If you are as impressed as I am, you may want to help family and friends.

You can start your own distributorship as I have done. Your sales commissions will be paid direct to your bank, and you have no hassle of running a business. You can make some money on line while helping others to Get Well and Stay Well. You will also meet lots of like-minded people and enjoy sharing health news.

I have researched this product extensively and spoken with the developer Peter Willoughby. He has an amazing testimony of rebuilding his own body after a devastating road accident, and catastrophic damage to his heart. See his story on (1h 14m 14s) – CEO Peter Willoughby’s Story.

Then you, like me, may well want to watch these other fascinating clips: – for a customer brochure (34m 21s) – The Customer Presentation Video (43m 36s) – The Business Opportunity Video – Customer Testimonial Videos – Customer Testimonials – Distributor Testimonials


Peter has found a source of vegetation strata which was laid down when the world was young. Some believe in old earth, some in the new earth and Noah’s flood. In either case, the fact remains that these ancient minerals derived from the original exponential vegetation contain the minerals God intended us to have. Remember he made us from the dust. It was mineral rich!

This product works amazingly well for me, I only wish it has been discovered years ago! I pray it will Get YOU Well, too, so that you STAY Well, to fulfil the life mission God has for you.