How Laetrile (Vitamin B17) Works


Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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If we lived on the food God ordains in Genesis 1:29 and 30, herbs, vegetables, fruit, seeds and green plant, we could not become sick. But our western diet is mainly dead cooked food; all enzymes and vitamins are destroyed when they are heated by whatever means to 107 degrees. We are simply not living on the raw, organic, living fruit, vegetables, seeds and green plants that God ordained. Processed juices, which I had previously used, are pasteurised and no longer contain living enzymes.

Even our water supplies are very often contaminated. London water, we are told, passes through several lavatories before we drink it! Bacteria can be removed in the cleansing plants, but not the oestrogen which fires oestrogen-related breast and ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Our bodies become toxic because we drink water treated with chemicals and heavy metals, and we eat far too much animal products contaminated by preservatives, pesticides, nitrates and second hand antibiotics. The animals have been plumped up for supermarkets by steroids and the hormone oestrogen. Moreover, humans do not have the short straight gut, flesh tearing teeth or amount of hydrochloric acid necessary to digest animal flesh. Much of our fish is caught or farmed in contaminated water. Our grain is refined of all goodness; mucous forming dairy products, wheat and sugar clog our systems.

Informed doctors and scientists, including two Nobel Prize winners, have now proven that our toxic bodies can be restored to health from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and every other degenerative disease as well as cancer, through Genesis 1:29 and 30. We are designed to live to a healthy old age on this lifestyle.

But how much better to adopt this God ordained natural diet as a PREVENTATIVE!

However, this is not what we hear from most orthodox doctors. They have received most of their training in studying sickness, not wellness, and attacking the body with chemical drugs, instead of supporting it, as Hippocrates advocated two thousand years ago, with health building nutrition.

Moreover, they are obliged by law to offer “consensus”, orthodox medicine. For cancer, this is surgery (cutting), chemotherapy (poisoning) and radiation (burning). My American doctor friends are told in medical school the first rule in practice is called CYA… Cover Your Ass – from litigation! They HAVE to offer consensus medicine. So different from their Hippocratic oath which is First Do No Harm. Hippocrates also said Let food be your medicine and medicine your food. Two thousand years later the brightest scientists find that he was absolutely right!

They are finding that cancer is a metabolic degenerative disease of deficiency, occurring in a vulnerable site of the body that has been damaged by pollution such as chemicals, smoke, alcohol, cortisol or any other stressor. Cutting, poisoning and burning will not address the real problem, which is the body’s desperate need for the vital living enzymes God designed us to consume.

Laetrile, found in the seeds of apricots, grapes and apples, and also in wheatgrass and barleygrass, gives the body the richest source of vitamins A, B including B17, C, organic calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, organic iron to build the blood, and 92 out of 102 trace minerals. It is the best form of chlorophyll, it reduces blood pressure, eliminates deposits, purifies the liver, heals wounds, counteracts toxins, corrects blood sugar, combats hair loss and greying, relieves constipation, helps the body to resist radiation, kills bacteria in the blood, contains all the amino acids, and is the complete food.

No wonder people heal when they start drinking it. Because it is the complete food, we find we dont need much else, which permits the body to concentrate on eliminating toxins, healing cells and organs, rather than using that energy to digest empty foods.

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