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I created this educational website to spread awareness of the natural, non toxic, immune building, Integrated Health ways that are healing people round the world, and how I healed my own diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2003.

I founded my Get Well STAY Well Ministry in memory of my beautiful and very brave daughter Melanie who was afflicted with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on her 18th birthday and died of “the best” chemotherapy and radiation UK could provide in her twenty first year, in 1989. Frankly, she was tortured to death.

Having grown up in Africa and being in Christian ministry, I built a Nurses Home at Kiwoko Christian Hospital Uganda, in her memory.

Kiwoko Hospital – Uganda

Kiwoko Hospital and around, Luwero, Uganda

On The Way to Kiwoko Hospital – Uganda

Melanie Corbin

Melanie was a kind, loving, sunny girl, head of her house at school, a volunteer nurse and undergraduate at London University when her life in this world was so cruelly taken from her by cancer.

I promised her just before she died that I would do ALL I could to find “a better way” of dealing with the modern day scourge of cancer which afflicts at increasingly younger ages.

Contrary to lies about statistics, and all the hype about cancer research, Dr. Francisco Contreras reveals that 97% of cancer patients die of the treatments within five years. Chemotherapy and radiation are freely admitted in the Physicians Desk Reference book to be carcinogenic and destroy the immune system. But few patients really research their treatments. They just do what “the white coats” tell them to do.

Patients do not realise that their doctors in the west are, by law, controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies.   These companies run a trillion-dollar-a-year industry, making huge profits for share holders.

Our young doctors, who usually go into medicine to heal the world, not to make money, are instructed during training through the Oncology Chairs (funded by Big Pharma) that the ONLY legal way to treat cancer is surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.  If they mention nutrition or age old, natural, alternative therapies to their patients, they lose their licences.    Such is the control.   Now however, there is a paradigm shift as the public wake up and demand better, safer, NON TOXIC, immune boosting treatment.

The Integrated Health International Conference and hundreds of older, wiser physicians, are coming out and telling the truth.  I attend the conference in San Diego each year, and bring the information to my website, my courses and weekly Christian TV health programs.    After seeing my daughter die so cruelly, I am BOUND TO TELL THE TRUTH.

Prevention is SO much easier than cure. This is my passion.

If I was a doctor of medicine I would be silenced for suggesting there is ANY other way to cure cancer, except by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This is how our young doctors are indoctrinated and are not allowed to research other modalities. I believe this is shortly to change, thank God.

Instead I am a Doctor of Divinity, trained and ordained in America, and absolutely dedicated to exposing the TRUTH.

By law, every patient must consult their own medical advisor. Just ensure that you are working as a team with a knowledgeable medical or naturopathic advisor who admits most chemotherapy causes cancer, and seeks to find a better way.

This site is for educational purposes only. I urge you to do your own serious and thorough research from the websites that led me to make my own conclusions….

Research websites:  ChrisBeatCancer, WorldWithoutCancer, OasisofHope, Hippocrates Health Institute, BreastCancerConqueror,,,

Read Phillip Day’s book “Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying to Know The Truth”, also “Cancer, 50 Critical Answers” and “Dismantling Cancer” by Dr. Francisco Contreras of the Oasis of Hope, and  “Cancer – Step Outside the Box” by fellow researcher Ty Bollinger.

Felicity at the Hippocrates Health Institute  – USA

Felicity with husband Bernard Skiing

Felicity with Bernard – Winner Hole in One World Golf Champion

Formerly a British Red Cross nurse and Researcher in the Houses of Parliament, London, I also developed pancreatic cancer in 2003.

Having witnessed what happened to Melanie, and countless others who were in hospital the same time as her, I followed the Gerson Therapy and intravenous Vitamin B17, which I now know had been healing many different forms of cancer for decades. If only I had known this when Melanie was diagnosed. We would have gone straight to Mexico and followed the laetrile and Gerson treatments.

Within eight months my tumor was shrunk to a scar. A few years later I had to have a major operation to correct the damage it had done, but no trace of cancer was left in my body.

However, Melanie was diagnosed in UK and the ONLY treatment offered was chemo and radiation. Natural cancer cures are rigorously suppressed by Big Pharma which makes trillions out of cancer treatment each year. Big Pharma has forced the working doctors to completely disregard their traditional medical Hippocratic Oath to “First Do No Harm.”

Deeply saddened at the cruelty and disinformation that had been meted out to my daughter, who could have been cured naturally, I spent a year writing a book called “God’s Healing Word” to spread the good news of this safe, non toxic, inexpensive way of overcoming and also preventing cancer. It is based on Genesis 1:29 and 30, God’s perfect Creation diet for us.

The massive tumor in the head of my pancreas shrank to a mere scar in eight months, exactly the same time Baptist minister Rev. Dr. George Malkmus took to heal his baseball size colon tumour, and Rev. Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Lorraine Day and Dr. Veronique Desaulniers healed their own cancers

Very, very interesting.

As soon as I regained my strength, I travelled to America to train as a Health Minister at Rev. Malkmus’ Ministry, Hallelujah Acres in North Carolina. I then went on to train as a Health Educator at the Institute founded by Ann Wigmore, Hippocrates Health Institute. I also studied ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, and researched the worldwide effects of prayer, meditation, electromagnetic medicine and many different old and new, healing modalities.

I became absolutely convinced of the importance of spiritual fortitude in addressing disease. Cancer is Curable NOW, as the DVD says, when a patient can get the right team around them, and become convinced of their body’s innate ability to heal against all odds.

Felicity interviews Dr Franciscao Contreras at the Oasis Of Hope Hospital – Tijuana Mexico – March 2015

Felicity interviwes Dr Patrick Vickes at the Northen Baja Gerson Center – Rosarito, Mexico – March 2015

Felicity Interviews Dr. Véronique Desaulniers
San Diego California, USA – March 2015

Get Well Stay Well Courses on Television

Felicity´s Testimony Interview
Testimony Time  – Revelation TV Europe

Felicity with Cy Fernando
Get Well Stay Well Show – Revelation TV Europe

Felicity with Howard Conder
The  Q&A Show – Revalation TV Europe

 What next?

I have had an opportunity of hosting a series of natural health educational programs on Revelation TV and lead courses in Spain and Jersey.

I am assisted by my faithful Christian website director and camera man, George William Musulira; who also filmed extensively at the Oasis of Hope Christian Cancer Hospital in Mexico, and the Northern Baja Gerson Institute in Mexico, where these modalities are healing intelligent cancer sufferers from all over the world.

I also annually attend the Integrated Health International Conference in America, where the world’s finest top natural and orthodox health doctors share the latest ground breaking ways of overcoming disease, backed by amazing new technology exhibitions.

Integrated Medicine is the way to go, combining the best of orthodox, traditional and natural modalities to restore the Immune system so that we can GET WELL and STAY WELL.

If you are helped by my website, please consider make a donation! I have so far spent a fortune on training and setting up the courses, and I want in my lifetime to achieve a Christian Integrated Health Oasis of Hope Clinic in a sunny healing environment here in Europe.

 Blessings, prayer and love,



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