Dr Max Gerson devised the Gerson Therapy of coffee colonics and enema’s and fresh juices.   This cured his migraine headaches.   And the Gerson Therapy is now proven to have cured hundreds of thousands of people of all kinds of disease.

I followed the Gerson Therapy when I cured myself of pancreatic cancer in 2003.

Dr. Gerson became famous for healing missionaries Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his wife and daughter when they returned sick from Lambarene in the Congo.

Later, Dr. Gerson was to cure his own 12 year old daughter Charlotte from TB.    After her father’s death, she continued the Gerson work in Mexico and trained Dr. Patrick Vickers who founded the Northern Baja Gerson Treatment Centre also in Mexico.   Charlotte has just died – fit and well in her nineties.

I feel in many ways her mantle has fallen on my shoulders as an older woman who is now the longest pancreatic cancer survivor.  I am passionate about spreading the good news about natural cancer cures.   Especially having witnessed my 20 year old daughter die of orthodox cancer treatment.

Colonics in general have been practised in most traditional cultures, since the Egyptians used gourds.   Indian and Ayurvedic medicine also uses colonic and enema wash outs.

What is the difference between a colonic and an enema?   An enema only reaches the sigmoid colon, whereas the colonic reaches all round the colon.  This comprises the ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid colon.

The reason Dr. Gerson used the special coffee which we get from the Genesis website, is that it increases our glutathionse by 700%.   Glutathione is a master anti oxidant in the body.  So it restores our immune system.

Dr. Gerson realised Big Pharma would be against natural cures.  They make their money from expensive and brutal chemo, radiation and surgery.  He knew he would be pilloried for suggesting such a simple cure.

But in the end, out of sheer kindness, he relented and helped desperate cancer patients.   He cured 90% of them and was promptly silenced and banned in USA.  It was then that he moved to Mexico where natural cures are still permitted.

In 1958 he wrote a book “A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases”.

I adopted the radical Gerson Therapy and Genesis Diet which I was told about at my London church.  Organic vegetables, herbs, fruit, seeds, nuts, and green plant which I took in the form of wheat grass.  (Unlike bread, there is no gluten or glyadin in wheat grass).

I was so ill I could not keep any food down, except water with fresh lemon, the vegetable and fruit juices, and liquid wheat grass.  So I only had juiced and blended foods.   I knew it was imperative to keep well hydrated with pure, ozonated water, as much as 8 oz every waking hour.   The juices enabled me to get healing enzymes into my body, without further compromising my digestive system.

I was on morphine for pain, anti emitics for nausea for six months, as the tumour shrank to a scar.

I prayed under my talith, and took Communion every morning at home.  I stayed calm with Psalm 103 and Isaiah 43.

I was also told about the powerful apricot kernels and their essence called “laetrile” offered in Mexico, where it is legal to have it given intravenously.

My husband and I researched on line and obtained the laetrile ampoules, and laetrile 100 mg and 500 mg tablets from Cytopharma in Mexico and organic kernels from local suppliers.

I started doing the Gerson Therapy colonics, coffee enemas and wheat grass implants five times a day.   This kit comprising all you need including a vaginal douche, is available from the Genesis Healing link on my website.   After a few sessions, the most appalling stuff started being eliminated from my body.   I knew I was on the right track.

I started drinking ONLY fresh organic vegetable juices, one every hour, to try and restore my immune system   Note that cooked food is a filler but causes inflammation in the body.   Cooked food cannot provide the LIVING ENZYMES our cells need to maintain good health.  Our cells are desperate for hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, electricity and magnesium they can ONLY obtain from living fresh organic phytonutrients.

The only cooked foods to eat are steamed vegetables.   Such as baked squash, sweet potato, hot vegetable soups.   All organic if possible.  My favourite is a soup made from potatoes, cauliflower, onions and garlic. Just boil gently until the vegetables are soft and blend them in a blender.

I took the apricot kernels, the 500 mg laetrile tablets as soon as they arrived (one each morning and one each evening.)  I found a doctor to administer intravenously thirteen sessions of laetrile, given in IV bags together with mega doses of Vit C, DMSO (di-methyl-sulph-oxide).

I also supplemented Vitamin D 10,000 mg a day, selenium 200 mg a day, together with a multi mineral and vitamin tablet.   All available from the Genesis Healing website . owned by Gerson followers.

You can also buy the liposomal Vitamin C from them..   This is much better absorbed by the body.     I took up to 20 grams a day of this high strength Vitamin C.

I started taking pancreatic enzymes, also from Cytopharma in Mexico.  They supply the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, https://www.oasisofhope.com/ from which my treatment was directed by oncologist Dr. Francisco Contreras.   Note: even if you do not go to Mexico, Dr Contreras and his team can give you a second opinion, if you fax your medical records to him.

All cancer patients should remember they are legally entitled to a second opinion,   This can be from another oncologist, or a naturopath trained in cancer and ortho-molecular medicine.

Your immune system is the ONLY way you can heal from dis-ease, so we should not destroy it with lethal treatments.  The only time Dr. Contreras uses small, insulin potentiated, targeted doses of individualised chemo or radiation is when a tumour is blocking the entrance or exit of the body.

Time has to be won to build the immune system with his integrated regulatory therapy .

All oncologists should welcome tried and trusted naturopathic, complementary and integrative treatments.  If they don’t, you know you are with the wrong oncologist.

They should work as a TEAM with the patient.   They should also be able to give you their CURE statistics.   Not five year remission rates, but CURES.   It is said that 97% of all cancers return if the patients don’t CHANGE THEIR LIFESTYLE TO A HEALTH PLANT BASED ONE AND AVOID SUGAR, TRANSFATS, DAIRY PRODUCTS AND PROCESSED FOODS.

I only took advice from those doctors who I knew were actually curing their patients long term and had written books and papers on the fact, with case studies, such as Dr. Max Gerson who cured 90% of his patients, and Dr. Francisco Contreras, who has 56% better results than any other hospital.

A kind and highly skilled professor of gastro enterology inserted a stent in my common bile duct which saved me dying from liver failure on diagnosis, so I am full of praise for innovative life saving surgery.     Seven years later continual replacing of the stent had broken down the common bile duct.   I therefore had to have a biliary by-pass, and again excellent surgery in London saved my life.

I started exercising to oxygenate my cells and body.   Cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment.  So I cross walked and bounced on a rebounder for half an hour a day as I regained strength to move the lymph and oxygenate the cells.

I used an oxygen machine to breathe the oxygen.   I bought mine from www.SoeMac.com.   If you quote FCW10 on buying, you will get a generous 10% discount on both the classic and Professional Models.

I also use a water ozonator made by www.SOTA.com to ozonate my drinking water.   SOTA also make a magnetic pulser and an electric pulser.

I got an infra-red sauna to sweat out extra toxins every night.   I follow this with a hot bath of Epsom Salts which restores magnesium in the cells..

I further detoxed with the ionic foot bath which draws toxins out of the 2000 large pores on the soles of each foot.

I drank a solution of half a teaspoon of aluminium free Bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water every morning to alkalise the body. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

I tested with pH strips every day and drank green juices to get my saliva and urine back to 7.365 pH.   Acidic is 1, Alkaline is 14.   I knew I needed to quickly revert to the healthy 7.365 or better.

I drank ONLY distilled water, from the Genesis site, alkalised with a little freshly squeezed lemon.

I read my Bible, saw the diet expounded in Daniel 1 as well as Genesis.

I read Phillip Day’s book “Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth,” Edward G. Griffin’s book “World Without Cancer,”  Dr. Max Gerson’s book “A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases”. and Dr. Francisco Contreras Book “Dismantling Cancer”.   The more I read, the surer I was that I was on the right track.

I drank Essiac Tea in its original form – dried burdock root, sheep’s sorrell, Indian rhubarb and slippery elm leaves which need to be boiled up fresh.

As the tumour shrank and I got better I started to be able to eat curried vegetables, using curcumin and turmeric, both of which, like apricot, apple and grape seeds,  have cancer killing qualities but do not damage healthy cells.

I still drink green juice every day made from cucumbers, celery, kale, parsley and an apple, as well as carrot, apple and ginger juices, beetroot juices, grapefruit juice.

I still avoid meat, chicken, poultry, fish, dairy, all sugars, transfats and all processed, genetically modified and chemical foods.

I oxygenate my body with as much exercise as I can, in fresh mountain, sea or forest air.

I try to walk barefoot on the beach or grass whenever possible to ground myself electrically and magnetically.

I try to avoid WiFi.   However this is difficult as I spend my life now on computers or in TV studios.    What keeps me well is my absolute passion to educate people to prevent disease by building their immune systems.   For 7 years I worked a 20 hour day to produce the fresh, live Revelation TV programs each week.

If you can, join me on my weekly courses, and then take the information back to your community.   If you cannot travel, book a half hour one to one phone consultation, or simply download my Get Well Stay Well Course containing 22,500 words.

Get Well and STAY Well!


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