In ancient times, there was no pollution.  We breathed pure air, drank pure water and ate raw food.  People could live to nine hundred years.

But our environment is breaking down.  Our water and food is contaminated.   We can take steps to try and ameliorate this with distilled water and home grown chemical free vegetable foods.  This is my Get Well Stay Well ministry, as God helped me recover from pancreatic cancer in 2003 with prayer and discernment to spread this Word.   But it is now our deliberately polluted AIR that is killing us.   We have no alternative but to breathe. Even with oxygen and other masks, we cannot survive and thrive in the pollution in the air.

In some inner cities, scientists say that the oxygen level is down to as little as 7%.   We are being bombarded with 60 pulse per second Hertz, whereas nature intended us to live at 7-8 Hertz frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance.

No wonder we are stressed and become sick.  Our physical bodies need oxygen for cells to work, especially our red blood cells which convert iron into oxygen for the body.

The present epidemic of fatigue is due to the toxic mix of heavy metals and viruses, bacteria being stratospherically sprayed on all NATO counties.  (US former military scientist and now whistle blower, Clifford E Carnicom “Sub Micron Particulates Isolated” April 26, 2004).

Carnicom recognises that the aluminium nano particulate fibres being sprayed in the chemical trails from military planes destroy our respiratory tract causing lung disease, hypoxia and eventual death to all our organs. It’s a way of culling the world population.  The eugenist’s dream.   The fibres also come out of the skin, called Morgellon’s Disease.  This was denied by doctors for decades, and the people affected were called delusional.   But Carnicom who was involved with the invention of this atrocity, has whistle blown on it.

The truth is that these aluminium, barium, particulates, together with ANY viruses and bacterias and contaminated dried blood cells they want to add, such as Ebola, SARS, Swine Flu, Vika, etc can contaminate the NON-consensual public.   The public have NEVER given consent to this experiment. But laws have been passed to say that governments can spray ANYTHING THEY WANT, IF IT IS IN NATIONAL HEALTH OR DEFENCE INTERESTS.   Vaccines included.  However you CAN avoid a vaccine.. but you cant avoid breathing.

How did all this interference with our air begin?   Of course it was fire, smoke, then industrial pollution, and the effluent from petrol, oil, ground and aerial transport, that means cars and planes.

But its more than just pollution.  It is atomic electro magnetic pollution.

In 1886 Nikola Tesla invented a death ray system of alternating current power and transmission.  It was patented in 1905 by by US patent #787.412.   Research it.

Since the Americans and British dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, atomic warfare has in truth exploded.   A succession of thousands of atomic bombs have been exploded, pulsing more than 40,000 electro magnetic pulses each time.

USA, UK, Russia, China, and North Korea test regularly.  These are weapons of mass destruction.

So are the chemical trails “chemtrails” we now see streaking our skies in unnatural criss crossed cloud formations. Our skies can glow red at night.   This is aluminium.  The excuse is to protect us from global warming.   But it is in fact the damage and chemicals that are CAUSING escalated global warming.   This is much more than the natural warm and cool cycles that earth has always experienced.  The aluminium is also to create a dome in the sky under which the cell masts affect us and could kill us.   (Read Elana Freeland’s book Chemtrails, HAARP, the Full Spectrum of Dominance of Planet Earth.)

These clouds of chemicals are gradually destroying all life on earth.  ALL plant, animal and human life.

Without oxygen, the seas, the earth and ALL life dies.

The little air bubble we breathe on earth is now contaminated.  In the last fifty years, we have invented the world wide web. We communicate through radio, TV, computers and cell phones.

Since Tesla’s invention, the air we breathe is not only full of atomic radiation.   It is also crowded with transmission lines and cell phone microwave towers.

It is also dosed with industrial pollution, jet fuel from commercial planes and military stratospheric aerosol spraying. This is being done by many countries.   There are at least 44 HAARP stations in USA, UK, Russia, China, Japan,Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Norway, Sweden, and countless small natural and also constructed islands in the sea.

The sky above us, scientists have calculated, consists of the trophosphere at sea level to 6-20 kilometres.  The stratosphere to 50k.  The mesosphere to 80k.  The thermosphere to 690k. The exosphere to 10,000k, the ionosphere and the magnetosphere to 60,000k.    We are talking about infinity here, beyond time and space.

The health consequences are intended by politicians and dictators.   They now know it is possible to control all life on the planet. It is possible to annihilate populations by controlling famines, droughts so that the food supply is removed.   People will revert to social chaos to get water and food, and they will die within a few weeks.  With electro magnetic pulse they can incinerate us instantly through the cell towers, we are told.

The New World Order has a written agenda called Agenda 21 since the 1990’s.   It is to cull the world population from 7 billion to just 500 million.    This will consist of a few elite, and their slaves.  The elite make money on the weather derivatives financial market, as they know when the weather is to be manipulated.    We are just lab rats in the experiment.

Carnicom, who used to work in this field, says that SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, was a failure, as it was intended to cull 80% of the world population.  Millions suffer “chem flu” every day.  Their lungs are damaged as mine are. Many intelligent people wear masks, or stay indoors when spraying is heavy.   Sometimes it continues for five days at a time.  When will they do the “Big One?”   I believe they are building up to it.

Unless this eugenics program is halted by the masses, this is exactly what will happen.   Raising awareness of this greatest atrocity ever inflicted on humanity is vital.   This is the eleventh hour, in fact the clock is standing at about one second before extinction of life as we know it.

All religions assert that this life is only a testing ground,   Quantum physics acknowledges we are body, mind and also spirit.    Only Christians and Messianic Jews recognise Jesus Christ as the Messiah, who offers eternal life.  He is literally God come to earth to live a human existence, refusing temptation to sin.   Of course wickedness was challenged, and the wicked killed him in the most horrific death.   But with supernatural God power, he resurrected and changed the world for ever.

The choice is ours.   We can choose to live the world’s way, get polluted and die.   Or we can choose to detox as much as we can, and be the remnant, the precious remnant, that will rule the world when Messiah returns.

All the signs are here for us to see.   The Jubilee of Jubilee year, the Hebrew year 5777, 2017.   The four blood moons on the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles which preceded this.  So for two years now, we have had the clearest warning.   Anyone watching the sky must have seen those moons.  Those who have eyes, will see, as Jesus (Yeshua) said.

The Bible says that “no man knows when the end will come, only the Father.”   In the Jewish tradition, the father of the bridegroom was the only one who could say when his son’s house was ready for the son’s bride.

The son would go to collect her, and bring her home to live (tabernacle) with him.  That sounds very like the rapture to me.

And when would this happen?  According to the Jewish feasts, which belong to ALL believers, at the sound of the trumpet.

That to me sounds like the feast of trumpets which happens every September.   What is special about September 2017?

It is the Jubilee of all Jubilees year.

I am making no predictions.   But I am so glad we have a new Holy Spirit filled, Bible believing church set up in Spain for this.

I am so glad I can be on TV and Radio reaching the world with the message about health and salvation.

The only conspiracy theory about chem trails is the conspiracy of politicians to deny that they are involved, and to blindfold the public with mindless TV and sport distraction, in a bought and controlled mainstream media.  The newscasters, scientists, meteorologists, and pilots themselves are all fearful of losing their jobs.  Many have been murdered, such as the 66 plus holistic doctors murdered by the CIA in 2016 alone.

Corruption, and it’s all about greed.   Intelligent people who are involved do not speak out for fear of losing their jobs and their way of life.

It is the counterfeit life that the Bible warns of in the last days, the End Times.   It is up to each one of us to decide what we shall do.  Ignore it, or spread the truth.

If you found yourself standing on a lethal, fast moving highway with no means of defence, would you be safer facing the traffic, and trying to stop it, or turning your back to it, and waiting for inevitable death?

Because that is EXACTLY where you and I stand today.




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