BrowniesThis Recipe makes 12 chocolate brownies
2 Sweet Potatoes
14 pitted Medjool Dates
Half a cup of raw coconut flour or spelt or Brown rice flour (be gluten free!)
4 tablespoons of RAW Cacao (or 8 tablespoons of cocao powder)
Half a cup of raw ground Almonds
3 tablespoons of raw maple syrup
A pinch of Himalayan rock salt

Heat the oven to 180 degrees C (or 360 F)
Bake the sweet potatoes for 40 minutes, then scoop out the soft flesh
Put into a Blender with the pitted dates
Blend until smooth then add the rest of the ingredients

Pour into in a parchment paper lined rectangular baking dish for 20-30 minutes
Allow to cool so that the ingredients have time to bond
(This waiting is the only hard part!) Then cut into squares and ENJOY!

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