The decade of new vision? Clear sight of what has been happening in our world?

I pray for peace and a more Godly, less polluted world for us all. Our world has suddenly gone into lock down. God’s judgement on a wicked world? Or his beneficent opportunity for people to spend time alone and get right with Him before judgement? Easter is coming when God came to die for our redemption. Could this be a pre Tribulation rapture? A lot of us hope so….

What changes there have been in the last hundred years since the roaring 1920’s! The invention of radio, electricity, TV, the internet, computers, mobile phones and social media. They have changed life dramatically. Satan had power of the air waves , but Jesus put a stop to that when he overcame sin. With this growing instant communication, what an OPPORTUNITY there is now for GOOD people to work together as they have never have done before.

It’s time for people to speak out against Godlessness, cruelty and injustice and damage to our precious environment. To promote healthy lifestyle. To insist that authorities stop the spraying with chemicals, imposing 5G electro magnetic warfare against out immune systems and the fluoridisation of our water, genetic modification of our foods, and incessant STRESS.

Join me and the millions who have vowed to make this world a better place so that our children and grandchildren can not only survive, but thrive!

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