Let’s have a Get Well Stay Well moment on exercise for the OVER 50’s.  The fifties are now said to be the new THIRTIES!  That is, IF we HAVE kept MUSCLE TONE, walked, and exercised.   As the saying goes, if you don’t USE it, you LOSE it.  Physical therapists tell us THAT from age 30 we lose 5% of our lean muscle tissue each decade.  After age 50 the decline increases sharply.  They also say there is a direct correlation between our general health and the amount of muscle mass we have. The more we build muscle, the faster our metabolism HUMS.   The firmer we get, the easier it is to lose weight and KEEP it off.  Exercise also DEcreases our risk for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.  It also makes us less likely to fall.


For those sedentary viewers addicted to watching Revelation TV, there is ALWAYS Good News here!   We even have GOOD NEWS about exercise!  We can do our stretching and weight lifting exercises while watching R Mornings and other favourite programs!

The key to these exercises is consistency.   Aim to complete THREE sets of TEN repetitions for each move.   If you don’t have proper exercise weights, simply use heavy bottles.   The weights make it challenging to complete each set.   No need to go to a sweaty gym, all you need is a chair, your bed and your hand weights.

For instance we can improve BONE DENSITY through lower body exercise.  This will reduce falls and hip fractures. Do simple chair squats.  Stand with your feet apart. Extend your arms forward.  Keep them parallel to the floor throughout the movement. Bend your knees and reach your hips back as if to fully sit down on the chair. Lower your hips until you feel the chair underneath you, but don’t sit down. As soon as you feel the chair beneath you, immediately press into your heels and stand back up to the starting position. That’s one repetition. Repeat ten times.  As you regain strength, do three sets of this exercise.

To strengthen the upper body we can use weights to push upwards.   Sit tall in the chair, hold the weights steady on the shoulders and then push upwards.   This will help keep the strength in our shoulders and neck muscles.  Do the repetitions and sets as always. Another simple exercise to strengthen the ankles and reduce the risk of falling, is a simple calf raise.   Stand upright with good posture and straight spine.  Just rise onto tip toes with your calf muscles.  Contract the muscles of the core at the same time.  This helps to keep the waistline trim.  The exercise also helps stablilise the pelvis and shoulders.

Open up the lungs and pecTORal muscles by holding weights straight out in front of you.  Open the chest.  Swing the weights out to each side as far as you can.

Finally at night when you go to bed, practice the PLANK!  Lie cross ways on the bed, on the tummy.  Do a press up, keeping the core strong and body rigid, resting solely on the toes and the hands.  This will be tough to start with.  So just build up gently.

Then do a final stretch on the back, moving small, firm pillows under different thoracic and lumbar vertebrae in turn.   This helps loosen up the spine and diminishes the computer hunch.  You can add the “snow angel” exercise in this cross ways position as well.  Hold the weights beside you at arms’ length. Then slowly swing the arms away from the body, just off the bed, until they meet over your head.  This way you are opening and strengthening the chest muscles, making more room to breathe.  If you have not exercised for some time, of course you should always check with your doctor first.   Revelation TV is not responsible for your health, YOU are!    When we take responsibility and actually DO the exercises, we have a better chance of STAYING WELL as we age.

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