newsletterAvocadoWe have erroneously been told to avoid fats.
People seem to think that eating fat translates into fat storage when really it is sugar or carbohydrates that tend to store as fat.
 The problem is more with the wrong kinds of fats.   Fat is not bad.  WE NEED FAT IN OUR DIET! Fats are used to make hormones, to produce energy, for brain function, for immunity, to reduce inflammation and much more. Fat also keeps you satisfied longer as it is slower to digest.
The question is what kind of fats do we need and what kind of fats can an impaired bile system best digest?  I use avocado as a delicious and healthy spread on a lettuce leaf, as my NEW HEALTHY “bread and butter”.   So I give myself beautiful, delectable and satisfying fat on leafy greens.   The perfect snack!

We have heard that trans fats are bad, but do you know why?  You probably know to avoid hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.  But why?   Essential fatty acids such as flax and fish oil are the best fats for you.  Krill oil is the best fish fat, as it comes from the SMALLEST fish which have not picked up the pollution on the food chain…. bigger fish eat smaller fish… and so on.   So the fats of the biggest fish are the most polluted.  Salmon is often coloured with carcinogenic colourants, too.   Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute says that fish are being feminised from the oestrogens  from plastic refuse in the rivers and sea, so that in the next few decades they will be unable to breed, and fish will die out.


The trans fats can interfere with essential fatty acid functioning in the body.    They are especially hard on gallbladders or people with gallbladders removed.
Unrefined oils are good.  Refined oils are bad.  When we understand what the bad fats do to the body, we are much more motivated to avoid them.
Fats are used to make hormones, to carry vitamins, to provide energy, to build membranes of cell walls, to regulate enzyme functions, to reduce inflammation, for proper immune function, for cardiovascular health and more.  They are NEEDED by the body to carry on its minute by minute functions.
And the quality of fats can make a difference to our energy, feeling lighter in body and spirit, being able to think better, feeling less anxious and more stable emotionally, reduction of inflammation in the body and brain, reversal of some health problems, stronger immune function and a general overall sense of well being. 
Cutting out processed foods and refined sugars can make a huge difference to overall health.  Sugar, for instance, has its own accompanying problems.  The most significant in this case is that excess sugar is converted into fat in the body.
Cis is the molecular formation of a good fat.  The structure is rounded or bent and forms a barrier in the wall of the cell.  This prevents easy passage into and out of the cell so that the cell can be selective of what it takes in and what it gets rid of.  This is fat that is unadulterated.
An unsaturated fatty acid that has been heated or hydrogenated during refining or cooking has been “bent out of shape” so to speak.  Its structure is no longer bent but is straight.
The infusion of trans fats (or trans fatty acids) into the formation of the membrane leaves the wall open to invasion by viruses, bacteria and other foreign substances.  At the same time this exposes the cell to easy loss of essential nutrients or enzymes that it may want or require for proper functioning.  Many of the normal physiological functions of the cell wall are distorted.
So stick with the good fats, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and use as organic, raw and natural as possible.
Oil Pull with coconut oil for 15 minutes every morning and night before sleep, to rid the mouth, ear, nose and throat of pathogens.
Use a little of these oils on your salads and raw recipes.  Some even put a little coconut oil in blends and juices, which protects the brain cells from memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Also remember to use essential oils on the skin, and as an inhalation.   Waft them straight out of the bottle, or shake a few drops on to the palm of one hand and mix with the fingers.    These oils heal!
Dilute the precious essential oils with organic almond oil, and anoint your body for the day after the morning shower, and for the night after the evening hot bath for maximum relaxation.    Use a magnesium mineral oil to relax the body, with a little added lavender oil, for the perfect night of sound sleep.