On the face of it, it sounded a good idea to make fruit and vegetables resistant to disease and unfavourable weather conditions.  Governments around the world, including the British Government, eagerly adopted GM.

However, the Union of Concerned Scientists has urged a ban on GM crops.

The reason is that E coli bacteria, viruses and carcinogens are used to bio engineer the rogue DNA into the DNA of the recipient crop.    Dr Charles Benbrook, former Director of the Board of Agriculture in the US National Academy of Science says these bio engineered foods are invading our human cells like a virus, when we eat the GM foods.

GMRatsExperiments with rats fed GM crops showed that they developed huge cancerous tumors after a time, as illustrated here.   The tests on humans were deliberately and inexplicably stopped before tumours developed. This is because the wealthy food manufacturers are allowed to regulate themselves, or serve on the regulatory boards.   Money talks.    Therefore the concerned scientists and doctors think it is extremely dangerous for us, our children and future generations to eat these bio engineered foods.


Millions of farmers in India and the Philippines have become ill, their animals sickened and died after eating the GM crops.   Many of these farmers committed suicide as their livelihoods have been destroyed, and they can no longer feed their families, let alone make a living from farming.

Many years ago Jeffrey Smith was interviewed by Howard Conder of Revelation TV, in which he warned of the coming disaster of GM foods.   Now we are beginning to see his warning fulfilled in the proliferation of strange auto immune disease.

What are the ten worst GM foods?     Meat, all sausages, processed meats, chicken, turkeys, eggs, farmed fish, dairy, packaged foods, restaurant food, corn, soy, sugar, artificial sugar, canola, zucchini, courgettes, papaya, potatoes, fruit and vegetables are among treated foods.

There are several “top ten” lists, which reveals the diversity of the threat.

Dr Edward Group, a world authority, cites the number one danger is CORN.   Corn is being used as a basis for most processed foods, and the high fructose corn syrup used as the sweetener in almost everything, from “health” bars to “health”drinks.

We have to check the labels on everything we buy.   This is why it is safest to stick to God’s natural foods of herbs, vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts and green plant.   Genesis 1:29 and 30.    Eat REAL food, not chemical “phud!”   We live in a world of high corruption and counterfeit information, just as the Bible warns.

The second is SOY.   Soy sauce, and also soy used in many processed foods.   Season with Himalayan rock salt instead.

The third is sugar, which is a known carcinogen.   Cancer lives on sugar.  Use Stevia, a green plant, instead.  Stevia is so sweet we only need a tiny drop.

Agave Syrup used to be popular, but is now often GM.

The fourth is Aspartame, the processed artificial sugar made from the faeces of bacteria.   When heated, aspartame turns to formaldehyde in the body.

The fifth is Papaya, the lovely tropical fruit.  Only buy organic.

The sixth is Canola oil.    All transfats and hydrogenated oils are carcinogenic, especially when heated.  Stick to coconut and olive oils.    Only ever heat coconut oil.   Olive oil is OK when left cold as in salad dressings.

The seventh is Cotton oil.   This is used in foods as well as material.    Ensure your cotton clothing is also GM free.   We absorb GM from clothes next to our skin.   Obviously all petro chemical clothes such as nylon, terylene, polyester and all man made fabrics leach pollution into our pores.   Use organic cotton underwear, in particular.  Wear natural fibres such as organic cotton, wool, linen, silk and hemp.

The eighth is dairy.  The cows are now fed GM crops, and so their milk is not only full of bovine growth hormone, fat, acid, and bacteria and pus from mastitis,  but also the antibiotics and GM foods the cow was fed   Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Colin Campbell tell us we can turn cancer on and off with dairy.

The ninth is Zucchini, or courgettes.    So only buy certified organic, or home grown.

The tenth is yellow squash.   Again, buy certified organic or grow at home.   Growing our own food is the healthiest option, as we take exercise, fresh air and make good body chemistry when we garden.  Gardening and farming is biblical.   Remember God created us to live in a garden,  Ezekiel 47.5 says the fruit is for our food and the plants for our healing, and Revelation 22:2 puts us back in the garden, where the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.

As I always say on my Get Well programs, the safest way to feed your family is to grow your own organic vegetables and fruit, in clean organic soil.   Fertilize with your own juicing compost and add a little bicarbonate of soda, to grow optimal produce.   Always encourage bees to pollinate and worms to perfect our soil with the right microbes to give us healthy intestinal gut flora.

One of the safest foods to eat is the avocado, as it has such a thick skin, so sprays and chemicals do not so easily permeate the flesh of the fruit.  The avocado is also bland and soothing to the intestinal tract, and full of minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Enjoy your avocado just as it is, and also made into guacamole!   Also add avocado flesh to your juices to make a delicious, nutritious smoothie, more substantial than a juice.   Find this, and many other recipes in my little “Delicious Recipes for Life” downloadable booklet!