So many are plagued with spirits of depression, which is the way the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy our lives. In my experience ONLY the Lord can heal us. As well as detoxing the body, we need to detox the mind and the spirit.

And when we detox in mind and spirit, it is amazing how quickly our physical ailments heal. Jeremiah 30:17 says “I will restore you to health and heal your wounds.”

I believe our deepest wounds are often hurts and rejections that have wounded us to deeply that we become diseased in the body. When we are hurting we make bad body chemistry, and this affects our blood and our organs in a very physical way.

God is our healer, if only we will turn to Him…

I have written a “Get Well and Stay Well from Depression” booklet which has helped many. Then some blind and visually impaired people needed an audio version and so I recorded a CD called “The Blessing” which is available on MP3 player. Many of us listen to it last thing at night as it is Bible based and helps us to have a peaceful nights rest.

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