God has given me a clear vision for a Holy Spirit filled Get Well Stay Well Healing Centre here in Spain, near the new Revelation TV studios.

I have been leading monthly Get Well Weeks, which are so well attended.

They are an opportunity to learn God’s Healing Word Lifesttyle, see how I live the Genesis lifestyle myself, in my own home.

But the participants have had to stay in secular hotels, with western menus. How they long for accommodation with other like minded believers, and fresh organic juices and Hippocrates meals prepared for them.

How they would like to consult integrated health medical doctors in house, and receive their mega dose vitamin and mineral therapy, their coffee enemas, ozone therapies, hyperthermia, and teaching advice in a safe environment.

There is huge need for such a sanctuary here in Europe. Why should people, some of whom are very sick, have to travel to Mexico and Germany to find alternative clinics?

Andalucia is in the very south of Spain, just across the Mediterranean from Africa. The weather is the best in Europe. Malaga international airport connects with hundreds of western European airports, making this an easy journey.

Once is Spain, the sun and blue skies are a true benediction. We start breathing the clean air of the mountains and sea. We start replenishing the vital vitamin D from the sunshine.

For the past three years during which time I have spent six months of each year making the Get Well TV programs I absolutely know that the fresh organic food, and the vibrant fresh air life style here is where God would want a healing sanctuary, where all the glory for healing is attributed to HIM.

If you can see this vision, please spread the word and support me. I know the best doctors in the world would help to bring this to pass, and the Spanish authorities would love to support us.