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Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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Colonics, Enema’s and Implants

What they are, why we need them and how we do them!

[accordion_set] [accordion title=” What are colonics?” active=”no”] A colonic is simply a comfortable warm water washout of the colon which you can have done professionally by a trained colonic therapist, or learn to do for yourself. Colonics and enemas will remove toxins from the dark, moist, approximately six foot colon which is a breeding ground for opportunistic bacteria, infections and germs to proliferate. It is said that “all disease starts in the colon”. When we are not eliminating properly from the bowel, bladder, lungs, skin, nose, mouth, and ears, the toxic build up eventually gets into the blood stream. Toxins are then travelling though the body in the circulation until they lodge in our weakest organs, causing disease. For instance, in “arthritis” the toxins have simply come to rest in the joints, and in “multiple sclerosis” they have come to rest in the myelin sheath of the spine. In “cancer” the body has encapsulated the toxins and stored them safely in a tumour, hoping the immune system will detox them. We simply need to detox at this early, primary stage, and give the cells the correct natural phytonutrients from green juices. The body will then heal itself. Unfortunately, however, most people resort to damaging, chemical solutions instead of detoxing.

All chemical drugs are acid, so damaging the immune system which needs to be in pH balance. This then sets off a cascading circle of disease and side effects, for which more drugs are prescribed. Women are too often subjected to mammography, which is now known to cause cancer. We should opt for thermography instead. Patients are too often biopsied, with the chance of spreading problems. We are too quickly sent to surgery for knees and hips to be replaced. If we don’t change the lifestyle which caused the disease in the first place, we will only have to repeat the painful and expensive process. Surgery alone does not prevent the problems returning. Heart patients have angioplasties time after time if they can afford it, but don’t change the lifestyle that caused the atherosclerosis. When Bill Clinton eventually became vegan at the direction of his doctor, his heart and his weight, returned to health. In cancer, biopsies spread cancer cells to other areas.

The lymph glands, the policemen of the cells, which are intended to prevent further spread, are all too often removed, leaving the patient defenceless against mutation. All these chronic, metabolic, entirely avoidable, diseases can be prevented, and usually cured, by detoxing the body. The famous Gerson Therapy, created by Dr. Max Gerson, who healed people from cancer for many years, advocates five coffee colonics a day. His daughter, Dr. Charlotte Gerson is still running the Institute in her nineties and is the epitome of energy and health. The Institute reports that many have got well from cancer this way. The coffee is such a toxic shock to the hepatic vein that the liver pours out its own stored toxins… which are then expelled straight out of the body. Hippocrates Health Institute prefer plain water as coffee is a diuretic and contains many poisons, and once I was clear of cancer I changed to plain warm water. However for cancer, coffee enemas are vital, to shock the toxins out of the liver which is our major internal detox organ. My Get Well Stay Well course teaches the total detox plan. I still do several colonics a week to stay well. Once we have learned how, colonics only takes around ten minutes. They cleanse and energise our bodies better than anything else can. Colonics remove all waste, constipation and gas from the colon and have the added benefit of flattening the tummy. We should follow them with a wheatgrass or lactobacillus implant which restores the GOOD intestinal flora in the clean, empty colon. Much better than taking yoghurt which forms mucous in the body. [/accordion] [accordion title=” What does the colon consist of? ” active=”no”] The colon has three main parts. It begins with the ascending colon, where the narrow small intestine ends. This is where the appendix is, on the right side of the body. The ascending colon then has to bend at the biliary flexure (bend) by the liver to follow a horizontal route across the body called the transverse colon. It then bends again under the left rib cage, at the splenic flexure by the spleen, and becomes the descending colon, ending in the sigmoid colon, the rectum and the anus. Disease is obviously more likely to occur in the awkward bends of the splenic and hepatic flexures and in the sigmoid colon as waste tends to get trapped and stuck in these areas. Remember that carnivorous animals have a short straight gut, so food passes through quicker. [/accordion] [accordion title=” Why do we need colonics?” active=”no”] In the 21st century we are living in a perfect storm for chronic metabolic degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, arthritis, asthma, digestive and respiratory disease, chronic fatigue, depression in adults and attention deficit disorder in children. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What causes all these different diseases?” active=”no”] One word, ACIDITY! We are eating cooked food which is acidic We are eating sugar which is acidic We are eating processed foods which are acidic We are eating animal protein which is acidic We are eating dairy food which is acidic We live with stress which is acidic We are dehydrated which makes us acidic When our trillions of cells become ACID, our organs become ACID, we lose our vital pH balance which should be between 7.2 and 7.5 pH. When we become ACIDIC, germs, bacteria and viruses can fester. Like a dirty kitchen, the crumbs and spills attract cockroaches, flies and ants…. We then use a chemical spray (drugs) to kill them. The chemicals (drugs) make us more acidic, instead of simply cleaning house. When the house is clean, the cockroaches, flies and ants disappear. So does disease! It has nothing to feed on. Scientists now know that cancer thrives in sugar and lack of oxygen. The congested colon is like living with an un-flushed toilet in your body. No wonder we are sick. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How can we test scientifically to see if we are acidic?” active=”no”] A By testing our own saliva and urine with simple colour coded pH strips bought on the internet to check how acidic we are. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Where can I get a professional colonic?” active=”no”] You can go to a colonic hydrotherapist and pay to have them hose you out with warm water and a machine. You lie on your side on a colonic table, your modesty covered with a gown, and the hydrotherapist painlessly inserts a disposable applicator tube from the back, and very gently hoses you out. The waste is removed by suction so you don’t have to use the bathroom to evacuate the waste. Most hydrotherapists have a monitor screen in the colonic plumbing so they diagnose what physical problems you had from the waste coming out of the body! You can choose to share this view or not! If you do take a look, you will start to become educated about your own health, similarly to seeing your live blood on a microscopy blood analysis unit. Alternatively, you take charge of your own health and buy a simple colonic kit and use it at your own convenience, literally! [/accordion] [accordion title=”How do I do an enema myself at home?” active=”no”] Choose a quiet moment when you can retire to the bathroom and will not be disturbed! Shut the tap of the colonic bag before filling it with tepid, clean water and hang it on a hook next to the loo. Lie on the floor (or a sunbed if you have one), on a soft towel covered with plastic dry cleaning bag to prevent any spills. Lubricate the thin, soft, pliable implant tube with a little olive oil and gently and painlessly slide it into the body. Because it is soft and flexible it cannot harm you. Relax! Then slowly open the little tap and let the warm water trickle into the body. If you need to release “the door keeper” (waste or gas that is in the sigmoid colon) get up and do so. Flush the loo. Lie down again and reinsert the tube. This time you will be able to take more water into the colon. Lie there, roll on to your back and let the water cleanse the colon over a few moments, before releasing. Eventually you will be able to fill the whole colon, right round to the right side of the body. Roll to your right side to allow gravity to help. Massage the tummy, sloshing the water inside the colon, and helping to cleanse the internal walls of the colon. When you need to, return to the loo and release all. As you repeat the simple wash out several times a week, you will start to remove the impacted waste and dried mucous from meat and foods containing flour. These rubbery, black deposits will have been lurking in the colon for years, especially if you had been a meat and pasta eater. They are just waiting to turn into colon or other cancers. You will begin to feel better, lighter, fitter, immediately, and be a lifelong convert to colonics. You could drink juices for years and not get as clean as you can in one simple enema! [/accordion] [accordion title=”Where do I get the colonic and implant kit? I should be embarrassed to go into a chemist and try to explain what I need!” active=”no”] A Wholistic Research in UK, and phone 00 44 (0) 1763 2849, and have supplied me with enema kits, juicers, distillers, dehydrators, rebounders and wheatgrass for years. They also supply my handheld book. They can supply the DETOX KIT with instructions. The pack includes the enema bag, soft implant tube, the powdered wheatgrass which you reconstitute with water; together with an implant bulb for gently and painlessly inserting the liquid wheatgrass into the clean, empty colon. Our bodies are so hungry for this nutrition that the wheatgrass implant is completely absorbed through the colon wall into the bloodstream within 15 minutes. Obviously this implant is best done when you can rest afterwards for 15 minutes, preferably before you get into bed at night. Then the body can be free of toxins and nourished with the implant all night. This permits the body to heal as it should during the hours of sleep, and you wake feeling energised in the morning. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Is this practice something new?” active=”no”] Enemas have been done from ancient times with gourds in Egypt and India. This is basic hygiene! The only time it is not advised is when healing from recent abdominal surgery, or when pregnant. The wheatgrass implanted rectally is particularly beneficial in rebuilding the blood after destructive chemotherapy when patients are still too nauseous to drink the wheatgrass, and at any times when a patient is vomiting. The benefits of wheatgrass are amazing. It is the “green food” that God designed for us to eat when he created us in the first book of the Bible, Genesis chapter one, verse 30. Wheatgrass is the complete food, containing all the amino acids to supply the world purest protein in our body without the fats and contaminants in animal protein. It is also the richest source of vitamins A and C, a rich source of vitamin B including the cancer killing laetrile. Wheatgrass is rich in organic calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It also contains organic iron (easily assimilated in the body to enhance circulation), contains 92 out of 102 trace minerals, and provides the best available form of chlorophyll. Wheatgrass corrects high blood pressure, supplies oxygen to cells, eliminates deposits including deposits in the lungs, purifies the liver. It is an antiseptic, healing wounds and ulcers. It counteracts toxins, corrects blood sugar, combats hair loss and greying, relieves constipation, protects the body from radiation and kills bacteria in the blood, contains all the amino acids, so is the complete food. Wheatgrass also restores fertility, can keep herbivorous animals alive indefinitely. Administered rectally, it has restored life and health in dying humans and animals who can no longer drink. It is the world’s best known detoxifying agent, it is twenty times more nutritious that carrots, lettuce and celery. It is a deodorant in the intestinal tract – no more bathroom odours. It cures chronic sinusitis, reduces typhoid fever, and neutralises strep infections. Wheatgrass can dissolve scars in the lungs from breathing acid gases, It clears up eczema and psoriasis, strengthens the body physically, emotionally and spiritually, improves digestion, is used as a poultice to heal wounds and take the acid from inflamed arthritic joints. It also chelates and removes heavy metals from the body. One heaped teaspoon of good quality powdered wheatgrass is the equivalent of 4-6 oz of fresh wheatgrass juice, so reconstitute it with at least that amount of water. Lemon juice can be added, to enhance the taste, and also to moisten the rim of the glass so you smell and taste lemon as you drink. It can be taken first thing in the morning and again before supper, on an empty stomach. It can also be implanted rectally after the colonic to restore the intestinal flora. This has been also proved to be particularly beneficial for prostate cancer. Fasting is the greatest eraser, reducing intake of outside pollutions, so the body is free to focus on healing instead of digestion. Fasting on wheatgrass juices is the safest way to lose weight, toxins and infections. We should do a wheatgrass fast once a week, to keep well. Until 1923, every patient having abdominal surgery had by law to have a colonic beforehand, to avoid contamination. It is a great pity this is still not the practice. Theatre sisters have told me they rue the day colonics were no longer used, and reliance was put on antibiotics to cure infection. With the new antibiotic-resistant strains of methicillin-resistant staphlycoccus aureus (MRSA) and clostridium difficile (C.difficile) type infections killing so many post-operative patients, we shall see a return to colonic practice as routine pre-operative treatment. As always, prevention is very much easier than cure. [/accordion] [/accordion_set]

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