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With the mainstream media continuing to dish out news so grossly overweighted in favour of the W.H.O and the One World Order of Fear and Control, I thought it’d be good to update UK residents with proper stats, since it’s been a couple months since I previously did this, I think.

UK current population is just below 68 Million (that’s 68,000,000).
UK ‘official’ (alleged) figures reveal Covid-19 deaths to be a little over 35 Thousand (that’s 35,000)….Sad as this is, As a percentage of population, this represents  0.05 %

UK ‘official’ (alleged) Covid-19 cases is about 248 Thousand (that’s 248,000)….Large as this is, as a percentage of population, this represents  0.3 %
And of UK ‘official’ (alleged) Covid-19 cases and deaths, this means that……. As a percentage = 14% mortality of those who have allegedly had Covid-19.

Of course, we know that these figures are not entirely accurate… Therefore not necessarily true!  For we know that many, many cases have been recorded as Covid-19 “related” cause of deaths.  We also know that the Covid-19 “Tests” have proved to be no more than 60% accurate!   You know, what this means?….. 40% of those who may have been told they have or had Covid-19, probably did NOT!!

Many of you should have heard about the groups DNA testing that was done and submitted to see what results would come back. This was to further illustrate the complete unreliability of that test!  Let me inform you, in case you were not aware of this, ‘experiment’……. DNA was submitted from such sources as : Engine oil, a Strawberry, a couple of animals and a couple other NON-HUMAN sources.  Each DNA sample was given a human name before being submitted.  The results came back and it was found that though one case was “inconclusive, two were “Negative” and at least one was “Positive”!!!   Point is, the Test is not accurate. It cannot give true data.

You may have heard of the terrible upsurge of deaths in care homes.  What you may not be aware of is that the CQC (UK’s Regulatory organisation for UK healthcare environments) have tended to prefer keeping care homes VERY warm!… Ridiculously so!  This naturally leads to increased SPREAD OF INFECTION!  No wonder that care homes have suffered badly!

UK ‘Lockdown’ compliance has also resulted in a similarly sad outcome…..a greater increase in  deaths happened during March and April while most of the country complied….. Interestingly, death rates and cases ‘appear’ to have decreased since people have begun going outside more!

This will all pass and life will go to a new ‘normal’…. Until the winter months, when a new round of “FEARitis” will be rising up again, bleeding from the irrational perceptions of a Lost World that has no hope and has no desire to find True Hope.

The Fear and its followers will have their hunger satisfied with their belly full of mounting peer pressure, feeding on the bread of world-cultivated mould, and will simply watch how the mould cells multiply.

Jesus Christ has provided the World The Answer to ‘Its’ most fundamental need. His Cross, Death, and Resurrection and Faith IN Him Alone has been ALL that we all need from time immemorial….. And only those who jump out of the boat of Fear and into the Waters of Faith can learn how to swim against the tide rather than simply and naively drift with the ebb and flow of tides.
I only know of ONE Safe Haven…..Jesus Christ…. And NONE shall take me from the Hand of God who has Promised He is Faithful and He Will bring me to Everlasting Security. 

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