Flaxseed crackers replace bread!


Vital Warning Signs: 10 Symptoms That Demand Immediate Attention

While many symptoms may be harmless and resolve on their own, there are certain warning signs that should never be ignored. These symptoms could be indicative of serious underlying health conditions that require immediate attention. Here are 10 symptoms that should prompt you to seek medical care without delay:

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A gluten free, glyphosate free, chemical free, delicious, healthy alternative

A fresh, crisp addition to our juices and Gerson Therapy. Part of our herbs, fruits, seeds, nuts and green plant Genesis Creator Diet! I have had an Excalibur Dehydrator for 30 years and it’s still perfect. The the running costs are minimal at 3 pence an hour!


I now make my flax seed crackers with Linwoods organic milled flaxseed. This already contains blended almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and Co Enzyme Q10. So a lot of the shopping and work is already done for us. These ingredients add magnesium, zinc and many other minerals. This is great nutrition for our cells. Especially the brain cells! (Walnuts look like a brain, remember! Its part of God’s infinitely intelligent design in nature, called the Doctrine of Signatures! ) .

Optional extras!

I love garlic as it is nature’s antibiotic and anti viral. So I add garlic and a touch of Himalayan salt. You can also add some CBD hemp seeds for extra goodness and nutrition.


Blend until creamy smooth. Then spread out smoothly on the paraflexx sheets of your dehydrator and dehydrate for 12 hours. You can add some decoration at this stage for colour and extra nutrition. I also add some chopped parsley from my garden, and some chopped green red and yellow peppers for colour.. When your flaxseeds are ready, cut or break them into bite size. Enjoy on their own as a crisp, or serve with humus or guacamole or taramasalata. For an occasional treat, I sometimes use goat’s cheese which is less harmful that dairy cheese.

What if I don’t have a dehydrator?

Use a sheet of baking sheet on a baking tray on 118 degrees oven with fan. Remember a dehydrator only heats to 118 degrees! So watch to see they do not cook too fast in the oven.

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