Fasting – could be the greatest blessing in your life!


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Fasting  – From Ash Wednesday 10th February 2016 for 40 days up to Passover/Easter could be the biggest blessing in your life!  It will bring you closer to the Lord, and heal your body at the same time!

Lent is traditionally a time of biblical fasting and prayer for forty days.  Breathing2

Some of our Get Well Stay Well viewers have been fasting to various degrees with us since Ash Wednesday, which marks the forty days leading to Passover, or Easter. 

Fasting is about drawing closer to Jesus’ own ultimate sacrifice on the cross, through prayer and self discipline.    It involves picking up our own cross, and disciplining the flesh. as we journey with the Lord through prayer.   The ultimate physical discipline, for Jesus, was the horrific cross, through which He saves us. 

When we are obedient, we discover that picking up our own cross heals us, too.    Fasting detoxes us spiritually, mentally and physically.    As His disciples, Jesus tells us to fast and pray in order to have the strength to cast out toxicity in ourselves and others.

We can choose the type of fast we undertake, from the radical traditional water fast for forty days, to a juice fast, with fresh vegetable and fruit juices only.  

Less radically, some choose to water or juice fast all day, and then have a green salad or vegetarian supper.   Whatever you choose, it is discipline!

Medical science now proves that the Intermittent Fast is the healthiest way to live.  We fast intermittently EACH and every day.   So we only eat at certain times.  We can do this several ways.  Which ever way you choose, start your morning with prayerful, joyful expectation and commitment, and end each day with prayerful gratitude, and review the lessons revealed to you that day.

One way is to fast on vegetable and fruit juices only until noon.   We then have light vegetarian foods until supper time only.  Remember God gave us his creation diet in Genesis 1:29 and 30 –  herbs, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and green plant.   That is what we are designed to live on.

This living enzyme diet gives the immune system a huge boost.   The heart, digestive system, the liver and the kidneys all have time to detox and heal for around 18 hours.  We are never dehydrated, because we have the ultimate nutrition for our body in a juice every hour.   

The solid food we consume is eaten at the correct time, when our body’s digestive fires are working, we are oxygenated and moving around.  This way we are able to convert the food instantly to energy.   We all know that a heavy breakfast and a heavy late night supper drag us down.  Think of a traditional heavy Christmas meal, after which most people have to go to sleep, as the body labours to digest so much food.

So a maintenance lifestyle of continual prayer and intermittent fasting is the ultimate way to live.   Intermittent fasting can lead to resurrecting our own diseased bodies right now in this lifetime.   Remember our bodies are not our own.   They were bought at a price.

Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 6:19   “Do you not know, have you not heard, that your body is a temple of the holy Spirit, who is in you?   You are not your own.   You were bought at a price!  Therefore honour God with your body!”

We should respect the infinite intelligence of our creator, and abide by his instructions.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus, always.   Ask His Holy Spirit the best way for US to live our lives from now on!   It may be that we are eating right, and we need to cut out other excesses in our life.   Maybe fasting from mindless television, magazines and books,  social media, checking the mobile phone – anxiety and toxic repetitive thought patterns.  Now that IS food for thought, isn’t it!

Passover Blessings to you.   May the Lord bless you, may the Lord keep you, and make His countenance to shine on you and be gracious to you, as you move into His Will.






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