BikinisInSurfWe all know exercise is a great idea, but so many procrastinate!

Don’t think about it, just DO IT!

Like everything in God’s beautiful creation, we are meant to move while we are awake!

The sun and moon, oceans and rivers are in constant movement.

When air and water stop moving, they stagnate.

So do we!

When we are sedentary, lungs shut down, muscle dies, lymph clogs up, our heart beats slower, blood starts to coagulate, digestion gets sluggish and food turns to fat.   De-oxygenated cells become cancer cells as they start to depend on sugar, instead of oxygen, for energy.     Do aerobic exercise to oxygenate and protect your cells!

Most of us know this, and yet we say we have no time to exercise!  When people tell me this, I reply that if they don’t take time to exercise, they will simply run out of time.   FULL STOP!   So many just drop dead!

More than half of any western population dies from heart disease, and in most cases, the first symptom is death. We must learn to stop eating the wrong sugars, fats and salts that are killing us, to eliminate waste, and to exercise which reduces our stress.

We all know that going out to play sport, or even going for a walk clears away the cobwebs!

For those of us who have been very ill, maybe incapacitated by surgery, auto immune or chronic degenerative disease, it is vital to start moving as soon as we can.

I remember, when I was in Intensive Care, still dopey from anaesthetic, being cajoled up against the will of every fibre of my body, by a young physiotherapist to walk up and down the hospital corridor, dragging my drip stand with me, with tubes still sticking in and out of seemingly every part of my body.

It was torture, but it probably saved my life!

As we get better and are more “comfortable” in our hospital bed, we should start to bounce gently.   If only your hands, arms and feet can bounce, then bounce them!  As you get stronger and can sit up, bounce!    Your heart and lungs will respond.

On the Get Well Stay Well TV programs I often extol the virtues of a rebounder.     This mini-trampoline is a real God-Send as it moves the body safely with minimum effort of your behalf.   Nothing moves the lymph like a rebounder!   If you are still shaky, you can use one that has a handle on one side that you can hold on to.

Place your rebounder by an open window so that you are starting to re-oxygenate with clean air.   The air outside, even though it may be contaminated, is still healthier air to breathe than the off-gassing in our homes, from our carpets, curtains, cleaning products and painted walls.   To say nothing of the electro magnetic radiation from our TV’s, micro-waves, WiFi from our computers, i pads and mobile phones.

Another great way to exercise is with resistance bands.   You simply use your own body weight to strengthen  and stretch your muscles with these light rubber bands.    Resistance bands are inexpensive, easy to travel with, and can be used anywhere.  There is NO need to go to sweaty gyms where you are breathing in the released toxins and sweat of others.    We need to exercise in the fresh air, and breathe in lungfuls of it!

Our aim should be to get at least half an hour every morning and every evening, walking by the sea, or in a garden or park beside green trees, which are giving off their life giving oxygen.   Truly we are synergistic with all of God’s creation.   The trees breathe in the carbon dioxide we exhale, and give us the oxygen we need.  The sun sets to tell us to get ready for bed, and the sun rises to wake us up.   Sunrise is truly the most creative time to write and study.   When we live by these natural laws, our body responds with well being.

I am an inveterate and totally unashamed tree hugger.  And animal stroker.   And smeller of flowers, and of the fresh mountain air.  I am a lover of life!   And I praise God for every moment!

Whatever our exercise, maybe simply dancing at home to some music we love, or strolling, walking energetically, playing sport or even jogging or running, just DO IT!

Cardiologists tell us that exercise at varied speeds, and varied difficulty in weight lifting, with periods of rest in between, is the best for our heart variability rate.        This will help to protect you from heart attack and stroke.

So whether we exercise with others. training at various speeds, or work at our personal best speeds, and  peak performance, or whether we simply exercise alone with a stop watch or app, we NEED TO BE IN THE RHYTHM OF LIFE.